The End of the Steam Winter Sale with 2020 Stats and Awards

The Steam Winter Sale wrapped up earlier today.

Done for 2020

As far as the sale went, I have nothing to report as I did not purchase a single thing.  Given that 2020 was a year of boosted video game sales as we all stayed home, I fell short on my part, at least when it came to Steam, so nothing to write about on that front.  Fortunately, Steam also ends the Winter Sale with some awards and lists.  Those I can go on about.

First, there were the 2020 Steam Awards, which are nominated by and voted for by Steam users.  There were ten categories.

2020 Award Winners

You might not be able to read the actual winners, so here they are listed out:

Not only have I not played a single game on that list, not one of the games I nominated were picked to vote on nor did any game I voted for become the winner.  If I complain about blogging being dead you might remind me that I am so far from what is popular these days that it might just be me.

Anyway, that is all opinion based.  Steam also puts out their lists of best selling and most played titles.  There is a blog post that describes all the categories and what they mean, but only two interest me.  They are:

The Platinum Bracket

There are no numbers here, just a stack ranking so, if you compare with last year’s list, you don’t know if GTA V players spent a lot more or if Warframe players, the 2019 top of the list, spent a lot less.  But the lists are not stack ranked by bracket, so you only know that something in the Platinum category made more than something in the Gold and Silver categories.

It is fun that Among Us made the cut.  It is just $4.99 to buy, though it has some cosmetics for purchase as well.  But that was enough to get it in the pack.

The Steam blog post about this says that 2020 saw such a boost over 2019 that they had to change the brackets.  Last year the brackets were 100K, 50K, 25K, and 50K, but for 2020 they had to boost them to 200K, 100K, 50K, and 30K,.

Steam 2020 – The 200K Bracket

Not a lot of surprised at the top, and certainly some overlap with the revenue chart, while the 100K chart digs up some more familiar titles.

Steam 2020 – The 200K Bracket

For those interested, there is also:

That is a good one if you want to filter out people who are still playing GTA V and Warframe.

Half-Life: Alyx and Beat Sabre are in the top bracket of course, but so is VR Kanojo.  I suppose it says something that one of the highest grossing VR game involves hanging out with a Japanese school girl.

This one is always a bit of an eye-roll for me.  Titles I recognize, like Factorio, made the cut, but then I wonder how long they’ve been hanging out in early access status while still selling.

And then there is the category from which I am totally divorced.  I mean, I have a controller around here somewhere, stuffed in a drawer, but I couldn’t tell you the last time I used it.

Anyway, that is Steam reporting on 2020.  I am almost done with blog posts about that year… almost.

4 thoughts on “The End of the Steam Winter Sale with 2020 Stats and Awards

  1. Shintar

    Nice to see that SWTOR made it in there as one of the top releases for July and among the 30k+ concurrent players titles. Not bad for an MMO that turns 10 this year. 🙂


  2. bhagpuss

    I did buy two titles in the Steam sale, Disco Elysium (which I am now 20 hours into) and Neo Cab (not played yet). After years of not even knowing there was such a thing as a Steam sale and more years of not caring I have finally reached the point everyone else was at in about 2016, where the thought of titles at nearly half price piques my intererest.

    That’s partly to do with having more free time thanks to the pandemic but a lot more to the fact that I no longer exclusively play mmorpgs. Steam makes no sense at all to me as a platform for playing mmos, almost all of which come with their own patcher and log-ins. I really dislike having to log into Steam to play an mmorpg, so even for the ones that I have available through Steam I always use an icon on my desktop.

    I’m sure that’s true of many players of the huge majority of older mmorpgs. Black Desert, SW:tOR, ESO and FFXIV coming in between 30k-49k as the top mmorpgs on Steam suggests much larger concurrencies outside of Steam. Conversely, I’d bet most of EQ’s 60-80k players don’t even have Steam installed. A lot of them have probably never even heard of it!


  3. Eli Olsen

    Ori and the WIll of the Wisps totally deserves the title of outstanding visual style; I got it and the visuals are amazing, in addition to it just being a pretty great game overall. (It also launched fairly buggy, annoyingly enough, but they ironed those out pretty quick.) I’d recommend it, but it’s not really anything like the stuff you usually play, being a singleplayer 2D metroidvania. (Also, it’s a sequel, and the first one was pretty great too, so there’s that).


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