The Imperium Retakes the NJU-QV Constellation in Delve

The likelihood of a another fight soon over the Keepstar in M2-XFE diminished greatly last night when the Imperium flipped the ihubs in the entire NJU-QV constellation which includes that system.  Shortly after the second fight that saw PAPI forces face a lopsided loss when the server was unable to handle their forces attempting to jump in after the Imperium had setup more than 4,000 ships on Keepstar to defend it, Imperium pilots went out and reinforced the ihubs in the constellation.  The timers came up last night.

The Delve NJU-QV constellation in green

The Imperium, motivated by PAPI’s misfortune, formed up four fleets and a large number of entosis ships to contest the timers.  PAPI was reported to have assembled a force capable of contesting the timers, but stood down rather than do so.  As the evening progressed, one ihub after another fell until the constellation was back in Imperium hands.

The Delve NJU-QV constellation restored to Imperium control

Much was made of the taking of the NJU-QV constellation previously, as it cut the Imperium off from the Fountain region and was to serve as the springboard of PandaFam’s re-invasion of that region.  The latter petered out, but there were still multiple Imperium Keepstars in the constellation that faced the threat of destruction once PAPI waited out the 35 timer and was able to deploy cyno jammers to keep the Imperium from jumping in when the Keepstars were contested.  However, that went astray when a newbie Imperium pilot reportedly kept shooting the cyno jammer.  Per Asher Elias:

You may not know this but the M2 ihub jammer was stopped by a couple month old :shobon: newbee shooting the jammer to pause it. This new player is directly responsible for nearly 300 dead enemy titans. Every ship counts.

That led to a bit of classic Goonswarm propaganda being updated yet again.

Every Ship Counts

That opened a hole that allowed the Imperium to kill their cyno jammers and deploy three of their own.  While the Imperium could not jam the system, the cyno jammer mechanic only allows three to be deployed in a single system, so we had a flash of the old “defensive SBU” tactic of the Dominion sovereignty days, which helped the Imperium to get setup on the Keepstar for the second fight.

Meanwhile, the Keepstar grid in M2-XFE remains bubbled and camped by Imperium forces eager to get in on another super or titan kill.  I lucked in on an Avatar kill when a FinFleet pilot decided to risk it and log in.  Chance was not with them.

The Keepstar camp gets another kill

Despite a persistent PAPI claim that all the supers and titans from the second fight either died or where ghost kills and restored to the T5ZI-S Keepstar, bubbles and dictors have been deployed above the Keepstar as well as below it.  And the upper bubbles have yielded some kills.  I watched a Nyx that managed to log out during the second fight get warped right back to its logout spot in the midst of all those bubbles, where it too was blown up.

The Nyx in its final moments

Some half-hearted attempts have been made to try and free the trapped capital ships left behind after both fights, but the promise of more kills has kept the camp strong so far and any form up by the hostiles has been met by a counter-form by the Imperium.

For the moment the Imperium has been able to check PAPI’s momentum in Delve.  But that does not preclude them being able to get their act together again and continue their onslaught.  The war isn’t over yet.

4 thoughts on “The Imperium Retakes the NJU-QV Constellation in Delve

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Rohan – I mentioned that in the Week 26 update. The Imperium has issued war bonds, each with a face value of 1 billion ISK that will pay an annual interest rate of 10%, in order to support the war. Buyers will receive a monthly payment at the first of the month, which will be about 8.4 million ISK per bond. They can buy them back at face value (1 billion ISK) at any time after the first year. This raised over a trillion ISK for the coalition in the first few hours and rumors are that TEST might be considering something similar as both sides have spent a lot of ISK in this war.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rohan Verghese

    No term? A perpetual bond (consol)? Talk about old school. Though 10% is interesting, as it’s much higher than real world government consols. British consols were 3-4%.

    Do you have a link to a primary source? Send it to Matt Levine of Bloomberg. He likes these unusual financial stories for his Money Stuff column.

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  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Rohan – Unfortunately the original source is in the alliance forums, which has restricted access. But the terms are listed out as follows. They are shares because in EVE Online corporations are the guild equivalent and can issue shares.

    – Each share has a face value of 1 billion ISK.
    – Each share pays a dividend of 10% of the share’s value per year, paid in monthly installments due on the 1st of each month. (This works out to approximately 8.33M per share per month at the initial face value of a share.)
    – When shares are repurchased, their value or a portion thereof will be paid out to shareholders, this matures [a portion of] the bond. Full repayment of a share (i.e. it’s face value) is equal to its initial sale price of 1B ISK.
    – The alliance reserves the right to mature the bond and pay out the face value of shares (in whole or in part) at any time after the 12th payment, which is due on 1 January, 2022.
    – In the event of a partial payout of the bond principal, the shares will convert to the remaining value, and continue to pay dividends based on the new value of the share.
    – The alliance reserves the right to replace the bond’s shell corporation (Imperial Treasury Bonds Gamma [M2XFE]) with a new shell corporation if for some reason it becomes possible to mess with the structure of payouts via dumb EVE stuff; in cases where this is due to malice on the part of a bondholder they will forfeit their shares.
    – Bond shares are transferrable and the shell corporation’s in-game information text contains a summary of these terms for potential buyers & sellers.

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