Another Level 50 in WoW Classic

We are not too far away from WoW Classic having been up and running for a year and a half and I have yet to get a character to level 60.  I have the usual excuses.  I’ve been distracted by other games, not the least of which was a stretch in WoW Shadowlands.  And, naturally, my efforts in the game have been diffused by too many alts.

But I am sure I will have some level 60s by the time we get around to The Burning Crusade Classic.  While doubtful of the alleged May launch date, I am sure we will hear about it in full at BlizzConline, which is just a month away.

As for my having level 60s, I feel confident on that front because I now have three characters on the far side of the level 40 doldrums.

Well Viniki, my gnome warrior and tank for our group, faced no such doldrums.  If you’re doing dungeons there is plenty of content to keep you going.  He will likely be the first to 60, being close to 59 already and with the group still facing a series of dungeons before we’re done.

Over in Dire Maul East

Then there is Tistann, my hunter, who was level 54 already when I last checked in on my alts in WoW Classic.  But a hunter might be the most relaxed way to level up in WoW Classic.  My hunter is level 57 now, though probably would have been level 60 had I not been diverted into retail WoW for a stretch.  Between him and level 60 there are a few zones as yet untouched, so he will get there.

And, finally, my paladin Wilhelm managed to get up to level 50 this past week.  He actually rolled on to level 51 before I even got a chance to start writing this.  With that last check in he was up to 45, but the climb from there to 50 was a bit of a chore.

There are quests to be done, though a few of them take some finding.  I wanted to try and lean on quests as much as I could because grinding mobs with him felt like a chore.  So there was a lot of traveling about to pick up a quest here that was finally viable, then a quest in another zone that I could manage.

One of the realities of the 40-50 climb is that at some points you just have to stop and grind out mobs for a bit to get that next level to make the next quest or two viable, and that was pushing me away from the pally because grinding mobs with him felt like a lot of work with too much downtime.

Of course, part of that was my fault.  Early on I had picked up a build from a guide over at Icy Veins and had been sticking to that.  However, on reflection, I am going to guess that it was more oriented towards being a retribution pally in a dungeon group.  Thinking there had to be a better way I decided to try the WoW Head pally guide and its build, and ended up with something a lot more manageable when it came to mana and health.  It still takes a while sometimes to beat down a mob, but you’re able to move on to the next one more quickly.

And then I got lucky.  A ret pally is only as handy as his weapon and I managed to luck out on a bargain priced 2H hammer late on a Sunday night.  The buyout price was more than I had, but the bid price was relatively low… Auctioneer does that as part of its algorithm I have noticed… so I bid on it and went to bed.  The next day when I logged in I had a new hammer waiting for me in the mail, the Taran Icebreaker.

The big hammer

Not only was it an upgrade on damage alone, but it also has a nice proc as well.  My 2H hammer skills were pretty low, but that just takes a bit of time and soon I was hitting on level mobs with it for full effect, which helped me move along.

Picking up Cuegro’s Gold

The quests were still what they were, but grinding some mobs to round out a level now and then became less of a chore.  And then, once I hit 50, some quests opened up in the Western Plaguelands, which is a paladin fun zone.  I actually rode up and got the flight point early and ground out some mobs just to get to level.  Then it was on.

Take that undead

So now he is on his way.  I still have to keep an eye on quests and levels and roam around between zones… after a start in WPL I went over to Felwood for the opening quests there.    If I can keep focus I might have three level 60s soon enough.  Of course, focus is a challenge.  I mentioned my sudden blacksmithing obsession, and that led to a burst of engineering work on Wilhelm, who now has the Gnomish Death Ray trinket… which is good, because he is otherwise lacking in trinkets, not counting the Argent Dawn commission.

Do not use when at low health

But once I get back on track, I could get there.

Paladin’s journey

That will probably be it though.  My next highest level character is my druid, who is still level 36.  I was holding him back in case Earl made it back to the group and we needed to re-assign roles or some such.  Best not to think of him, because while hope for Earl’s return has faded, I could get tied up in another run through the 40s with a restoration druid.


6 thoughts on “Another Level 50 in WoW Classic

  1. Redbeard

    Sir Wilhelm. I like the sound of that. And Ret, no less. I can think of at least 4 Pallys I know who wish they could have stayed Ret, but it wasn’t practical for raiding. They are so looking forward to Burning Crusade Classic for Ret to become viable for raiding.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Redbeard – I am actually a bit bummed I went ret instead of protection. Again, reading Icy Veins early on, they were adamant that you can’t tank with a pally in vanilla… forgetting that they are always focused on raiding and not five person instances. Viniki is good, but there are times when having another resser or lay hands of consecrate would have been very nice.


  3. Archey

    After my first character (for the “purist” experience) I used a leveling guide. I’m not big on the addons that tell you where to go next but I remembered Jame’s guide from back in the day and found it was still hosted out there.

    It helps you choose zones and quests that are level appropriate and don’t take you all over the place. And using a guide instead of an addon gives me the freedom to go off script without it complaining at me.


  4. Redbeard

    @Wilhelm, I know a Pally on Myzrael-US who is the most amazing Pally tank I’ve ever seen. He raid heals on the 40 person instances, but I’ve seen him tank ZG and AQ20 as well as the 5-man instances. If people gave him a chance on BWL I think he could off tank there without any issues. I’m not so sure about Raggy given that I know that people in melee with a mana bar are a target, but Nef? I can see it.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Shintar – That is one where the big monitor helped me get a clean picture. The image I had was so big I was able to crop out the mob name, the damage numbers, and get down to the raw action. I think that is the hammer proc going off, as it is a fire attack.

    @Archey – I am not a complete purist on addons, but I have been trying to be somewhat old school. If I need something I Google it. WoWHead has a general guide to zones and levels, so I tend to follow that.


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