Daily Archives: January 20, 2021

United Eden Login Event comes to EVE Online

Following on from the return of support for the Japanese language in the EVE Online client with the December update, CCP has announced the United Eden login event.

United Eden for Alpha and Omega

The event features some more Zakura SKINs of similar color schemes to the battleship SKINs currently available in the New Eden Store.  The even SKINs are for the Slasher, Tormentor, Kestrel, and Tristan hulls, as well as a capsule SKIN.

In addition there are fireworks, facial augmentations, and some skill points.

As usual, Omega pilots get all the goodies, while Alpha clones are limited to just the frigate SKINs.

Omega selection

The login campaign requires that you log in on four separate days over the course of the week long campaign, which ends at downtime on January 26th.