CCP Details the Titan Massacre at M2-XFE along with Two New Guinness World Records

CCP has delivered the promised Dev Blog about the first battle at M2-XFE as well as a press release about the battle setting two new world records.

The Massacre at M2-XFE

They have posted what I expect we will all accept as the “final score” for the battle.  Overall, the fight saw

  • ISK Lost: 29,111,604,784,863
  • Titans Destroyed: 257
  • Total Ships Destroyed: 3,404
  • USD Value of Losses: $378,012

CCP is careful to caveat that last number with the following statement:

Based on the average sale value of PLEX. This number is simply given as a way to represent the effort-value of the destruction and not an actual amount of money spent by participants on this fight.

I am sure that won’t stop any gaming sites from leading with that dollar amount in their headlines or failing to clarify in their stories.

And the Guinness World Records annouced were:

The former seems semi-relevent, though as CCP points out, that does not represent any actual dollar amount directly spent by players, it is just an approximation based on the value of PLEX in real world dollars.

The latter looks pretty silly.  Can you set records for things that can only occur within your own game?  I might as well write to Guinness about records set within the perimeter of my home.  Most pizza slices consumed by a middle-age man in a single sitting in our living room seems about as applicable to the “world” portion of “word records.”


Of course, everybody who plays the game wants to know how many titans were blown up on which side of the battle.

M2-XFE – Titan losses by Alliance

That breaks out into 122 lost by the Imperium versus 130 lost by PAPI forces, a fairly even split for hulls, though no doubt the ISK was even tighter for titans with Imperium losing a Vanquisher faction titan, which is valued at about four titans in ISK.

CCP Goes on to compare the battle to past epic battles in EVE Online history.

Largest Battles by ISK Destroyed

By that count M2-XFE saw more ISK destroyed than the next four battles combined and adds up to almost triple the cost of B-R5RB.

Of course, there is the dollar amount chart as well.  The usual caveats apply.

Largest Battles measured in $USD

You can see, comparing the two charts, the issue with valuing things in dollars and ISK when the items in game change value on the market over time.  Back in 2014, when the battle of B-R5RB took place, titans were more expensive in game as were the resources needed to construct them.  They were also more rare.  Before that battle a single titan loss was a headline worthy New Eden news story.  We talked about Asakai for a year because that saw 3 titans and 5 supers destroyed.

Then there is a comparison of ships and titans lost in past battles.

Titan and subcaps lost in past expensive battles

The tall blue bars, 319-3D and FWST-8, are from this war as well, battles for the PAPI Keepstars in NPC Delve. (The latter set two Guinness world records.)  YZ9-F6 is also from this war. That battle was the failed boson trap.

And then there is players involvement.

Player counts at the Largest Battles

I think I was at seven of those battles, for at least part of the fights.  I know I passed on HED-GP and thus missed the server problems.  But I was at B-R5RB, the latter parts of both X47L-Q fights, some of UALX-3, and the four fights listed from WWB.

Oddly, the battle at 9-4RP2, the dreaded “Million Dollar Battle,” is missing from these charts.  I know the losses barely measured up, being approximately $340 billion, but it did set the previous world record for players in a fight with 6,142 players.  That would put it in second place still.  But if you didn’t get at least a trillion ISK in losses you don’t get to appear I guess.

So it goes.

CCP has some more charts and some silly metrics about the fight in the dev blog. (e.g. The length of all the dead titans, laid end to end, would be 20,538km.)  It also seems that, due to the server problems that occurred around the second battle of M2-XFE when PAPI tried to jump 6,000 players into a system where there were already more than 4,000 setup, there will be no similar dev blog of statistics for that fight.  Ghost titans apparently vex CCP as much as zKillboard.

There is also a preview of monument that CCP plans to put in place to commemorate the battle.

Planned monument

Hopefully they will put it somewhere a bit off to the side as we still have a Keepstar and several Fortizars on grid as we’re still camping the site for ~130 logged off titans.  We don’t want that shiny new structure in the way or any of the workers getting hurt.

2 thoughts on “CCP Details the Titan Massacre at M2-XFE along with Two New Guinness World Records

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha

    So…numbers. But no context. This only becomes important when talking about percentage of total vessels available to an organization. At Midway, the Japanese lost 4 carriers, but it changed the war because of the total percentage of their fleet that it represented, and more importantly, the percentage of their industrial capacity to replace them (and they could not). These numbers are merely a joke when compared to the overall fleet size and industrial capacity of the various RMT cartels.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Dinsdale – True enough. Back after B-R5RB Pandemic Legion said that the losses they sustained amounted to 25% of their total titans. That was a huge hit to them.

    But, thanks to CCP making titans easy to train into with skill injectors and giving us citadels that allow people to dock them up, not to mention the Rorqual changes that made minerals cheap, there are a huge number of titans out there. PAPI said they were bringing 1,000 to attack Delve and I have no doubt that the Imperium could counter that force. So, as a high estimate, maybe 5% of titans in the game have been blown up in the war so far.

    What makes their destruction significant is that CCP’s current economic squeeze, especially the mining nerfs which have driven mineral prices to all time highs. Now replacing them is no longer so easy. A titan is a tech I ship and needs a massive amount of tritanium, for example, which is no longer available in null sec ore. It all has to get shipped in from high sec. So now you can see AFK/bot Orcas all over high sec using mining drones to gather veldspar. It is a boom market for high sec miners.

    But, for all the losses, this is probably less significant of a fight than B-R5RB was seven years ago because titans are now so common. Still, it was nice to see so many explode.

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