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The February Update Brings the Reign Quadrant to EVE Online

We had a bit of a gap in our quadrants… there should be four in a year or three months each I gather… as January went by without any news of a new one. But the February update has everybody back at work in Iceland and ready to carry on with the idea.

And so we have arrived at the Reign Quadrant, which… pays homage to the Tactical Supremacy alliance?  Better than suggesting it was about the weather I guess.

Tactical Supremacy is Victory I guess

(revised Reign logo from Reddit)

As for what this quadrant is bringing… well… not a lot I am really excited about.  The trailer feels like more fluff than usual.

There are the new fleet discovery enhancements… which I must admit, speaking from a jaded null sec perspective, seems to be a more efficient way to get spies and awoxers in your fleet.  But I am sure this will make somebody’s life better or easier… or more miserable.  We know somebody will find the exploit.  The options listed include:

  • The new Fleet Finder tool allows to register fleets for a series of different activities, such as Abyssal Deadspace, Exploration, Pirate Strongholds, Combat Anomalies and more!
  • Fleets can be publicly available, have limited discoverability to your Corporation, Alliance or restrict access to pilots with specific standings or security status.
    • Minimum standing requirements of 0.0 will include Capsuleers you have no standings towards.
  • Fleets can be marked as New Player Friendly.
  • Fleet Commanders can automatically accept all incoming join requests or require a manual approval before a new pilot can join the fleet.
  • Fleets can hide details about their composition and location in the advert.

We are also getting new travel animations for jump gates, bridging, and filaments.  They also improve something… there is a chart in the patch notes with no description or that indicates speed or duration of some sort to prove this… but they are pretty.  Some times pretty is enough, though I suspect we’ll be jaded about the new animations in a few weeks.

There are also some changes for jump clones and how you set your home station.

  • Removed the cost for setting a Home Station.
  • You can now set your Home Station without a Clone Bay service, even while in space, though the 1 year remote restriction still applies.
  • Added a new ‘Home Station’ tab to the Character section of the Character Sheet.
  • Removed the old Clone Bay Service UI as all previous functionality is now in the Character Sheet.
  • Updated the Home Stations icons in the Character Sheet and the Map.
  • Added a Home Station indicator badge in the Overview.
  • You can now choose to redeem items to your Home Station, including when in space or from the Character Selection screen.

I like the removed cost.  However, what I really need is five or ten more jump clones to juggle all my locations and implant sets.  Can we get Very Advanced Infomorph Psychology and Super Advanced Infomorph Psychology?

There are also some changes to character creation, including removing the ancestry choices.  I had heard previously that there were some changes on the way to try and make getting into the game less cumbersome.  If you create a new account you get a much reduced version of the intro and character options already, and that appears to have been applied further.  It makes some sense, as you avatar is mostly just a portrait in New Eden, so getting too hooked up in creation is probably a mistake.

Also, the company has decided that it will now be called Planetary Industry going forward, in an attempt to settle on a single term.  We’ll see if they changed all the occurrences of Planetary Production or Planetary Interaction as they claim.  I bet they missed some.

There are a bunch of other fixes and updates.  It isn’t an exciting release, but there is a bunch of smaller things in the mix that overall will make the game better.  It just doesn’t feel like much of a theme for a quadrant.

Of course, they broke a few things.  There was an emergency patch about bookmarks shortly after the update went live.  Bookmarks were huge in some cases.

Anyway, you can find more information at the links below: