A Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake At Last!

My daughter and I have been hanging on and waiting for a remake of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl for several years now, so we were both pretty hyped up when the announcement finally came.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl will be a thing in 2021.

Diamond and Pearl remade

There are a few reasons that we’re feeling some hype for this.

The first is, of course, that Pokemon Diamond & Pearl is where we started playing Pokemon games back in early 2008.  It is the foundational experience for us with the series.

Then there is the fact that the Pokemon remakes tend to be pretty good.  HeartGold & SoulSilver might be the titles I spend the most time with in the series… the one time I caught them all… and OmgaRuby & AlphaSapphire were great remakes with a ton of depth.

And, as I said, we’ve been waiting for this remake for a while now.  There has been a pretty well established pattern of remakes over the years, and Diamond & Pearl now sit as the oldest titles in the series that have not had a remake.  They are due.

We expected them to be the next title on the Nintendo 3DS hardware after Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon back in 2017.  Then GameFreak announced that they were done with the 3DS hardware… just after I bought a brand new 2DS model… and it was off to the Switch platform, where they first had the Let’s Go, Pikachu! & Let’s Go, Eevee! titles in 2018, rather light fare compared to where the core RPG stood at the end of the 3DS era, before giving us a full blown entry in the series with Sword & Shield in 2019.

I now have a Switch Lite… my daughter and I both do… and we played through some of Sword & Shield.  It was a solid entry in the series, but didn’t really grab us and neither of us finished it out.

But now, with Diamond & Pearl coming back, we’re ready to give it another go.  The ship date is currently slated for “late” 2021, which I am hoping will put it before Thanksgiving, or at least before Christmas.  Then my daughter will be home on break from college and can perhaps find some time to play with the old man.  Watching the trailer, I am surprised at how much I remember from the old game.

Nintendo also announced Pokemon Legends: Arceus today as well.  Due in 2022, it is a new style of Pokemon adventure set in Sinnoh like Diamond & Pearl, but in an earlier era.  As Nintendo put it, first we get the re-make, then we get the pre-make.  Details on that were somewhat scanty in comparison, but in its trailer it looks to be an open world style game, akin to the Legend of Zelda titles, which is not a bad thing.

This all comes as the Pokemon franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  That is covered, along with a more information about games and events, in the Pokemon Presents video from today.

So there is plenty to look forward to on the Pokemon front it seems.

3 thoughts on “A Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake At Last!

  1. Kaylriene

    Most time in HeartGold and SoulSilver? A man of culture I see…

    Those are also my most played Pokemon entries outside of the originals, which hit when I was like 13 and plugged over 100 hours into Red. I’m kind of hoping that more of the older mainline titles make it over to Switch with new remakes over time – I struggle with playing mobile games at home and would love to see it.

    Pokemon Legends looks really interesting and I’m especially curious to see if DLC opens the door to adding more regions from the same era. I think that would be pretty cool – build up Legends as a sort of past-era open world game with the franchise’s whole history represented in some form. I’ve seen some people ragging on it, but when I think about what the next logical evolution for Pokemon is now that it is on a home console, an open-world title makes perfect sense.


  2. Emily

    Gen IV is my all time favorite, I was 14 when it was first released so I will be getting Shining Pearl. It looks so cute and nostalgic! Legends Arceus also looks interesting too I might give it a go.

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  3. Zinn

    I am always curious and hype when a new main series Pokémon is released. Up until Sun&Moon there wasn’t a single one I didn’t love. I did quite enjoy Sword & Shield actually and have fond memories from playing Pearl. I am definitely looking forward to this as well and PL: Arceus looks like it has a lot of promise. I am a bit cautionary now and try not to build too much expectations, but it’s Pokémon, difficult not to be excited.


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