The Hunt Event Returns to EVE Online

The Hunt event landed today in New Eden and will carry on for the next two weeks, until downtime on April 13th.


Live now in New Eden

The first thing most capsuleers will notice is a new series of login rewards to go along with the event.


The daily login rewards for The Hunt

The prizes for that include SKINs, skill points, boosters, and event related items.  As usual, Omega pilots get more prizes than Alphas, but if you upgrade to Omega during the event you can go back and claim the prizes you missed.

In addition to that there will be special Guristas combat and exploration sites popping up.  They will only be accessible to frigates and destroyers and will only appear in Caldari lowsec space and the Venal NPC null sec region.  The low sec sites are said by CCP to be tuned for T1 frigates and destroyers, while the Venal sites are tuned for T2 frigates and destroyers, though I expect that your mileage may vary.

As with last year’s event, there is also a 50% drop rate for capsuleer implants during its run, so you can expect to get podded very quickly if your ship gets blown up.  Players are going to want to crack that egg-shaped capsule to see if you have any goodies plugged in that they might be able to grab.

Then there is the usual Abyssal Proving Ground special event for those who like to twink their ships for arena PvP.

There are also specials in the New Eden Store, an Omega subscription deal that includes Multiple Character Training, and CCP is even throwing special SKINs at you if you visit their long neglected physical merchandise store.

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