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Tackling Moder

We had been ready to fight Moder for a while, largely due to the fact that not only was the largest, silver rich mountain biome yet found in the game happened to be right up the slope from a base we had built out ages ago, but Moder’s altar was in the middle of that as well.

Looking down at the altar

So all of that mucking about building up a staging base and setting up was largely dispensed with.  We built a couple of satellite bases up the mountain, so we could just portal ourselves there, but otherwise we were able to set right to work harvesting the bounty of the mountains.

Seriously, I have criss-crossed other mountain biomes and received nary a ping on the wishbone, while with our local mountains I have twice had to two silver nodes being so close together that the wishbone gives confusing feedback in its game of “hotter colder.”

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of our satellite bases was setup just above Moder’s altar, with a portal to get us there quickly.

Take the left portal please

The main problem with getting to the fight was just getting a group of us together with enough time to do it.  It has been a busy spring.  So while we’ve all been able to jump on and work on this and that, the fight took a while to materialize.  I didn’t want to go solo Moder.

Timing was such that Crowbar and I ended up doing a duo attack on Moder.  Fergorin had been on earlier on Saturday, but said that he might not be able to get back on, so we were clear to try if we had it in us.  And we did.

Among other things, I had already cleared out the area around the Moder altar, not wanting to get hooked up in terrain obstacles.

Looks at that nice clear altar area compared to the above picture

We got ourselves setup, but once out on the field Crowbar wondered if we might not be better served by having a bit of cover.  Since I had scraped off most of the cover that has been there before, we ended up putting some palisade wall sections about, with gaps in between from which to fire.

Some obstacles for cover

I had also collected up some better food to be sure we had enough hit points to weather the assault.  Sausages, lox meat, and serpent stew give you quite a bit of health and stamina.

The hit points

Both of us had been out and had experimented with slaying lox, the great plains bison, so we had some meat on hand.

After that, we just had to grab three dragon eggs.  As with silver, our mountain biome had an excess of dragon egg locations, so I had gathered up the three we needed and stashed them close by.  We just had to drop them in their respective spots.

Hiding eggs just before Easter

Or so I thought.  I put in the third egg and ran for cover… only nothing happened.  You have to click on the raised part of the altar in front of the eggs to summon Moder.  So I went back and did that, then ran for cover as Moder was on us.

Moder is not happy to see us

The fight itself was dramatic… the sky turns all sorts of colors and Moder flies around for a bit.  But mostly it was a matter of standing back and shooting Moder full of arrows.  We both carried a stack of obsidian and a stack of poison arrows, though the latter seemed the more effective.  I knew frost arrows would be a bad plan.

Moder on the ground

When Moder comes down to ground level, you can end up getting chased about, and there is a breath weapon involved that leaves some giant crystals on the ground.  But for the most part we had enough space to dodge and keep our distance.

Moder chasing Crowbar around while I take a screen shot

Moder ended up knocking down pretty much everything we built, and some of the local flora as well.

Breath weapon unleashed on a tree

In the end the two of us were able to defeat Moder without much drama.  Preparation helps again.  We only had one visitor show up, a Drake, which sided with us in the fight and got beat down with Moder for the trouble.  And then Moder was down.

The end of Moder

Tears is correct, as Moder drops dragon tears, which allow players to build the artisan crafting table which, in turn, allows the construction close by of the blast furnace, windmill, and spinning wheel, all of which are required to process the next tier of crafting materials from the plains.

Moder also drops the trophy, which we went back to hang on the appropriate stone near our main base.  That unlocked a new power which turns the wind your direction when sailing.

Moder’s power revealed

That is a surprisingly useful power, though it only lasts 5 minutes and has a 20 minute cool down.  But sometimes five minutes is all you need.

After that it was time to start scouting the plains.  Crowbar and I did some initial investigation in the plains near the meadows staging base we built up for the Bonemass battle, which is surrounded north and south by plains.

The camp across the straights from Bonemass

On the north flank we found an island on the coast that seemed like a place we could build up.  So our next task is to stage in the plains and start looking for furling camps, which is apparently the only place you can find flax and barley, which you need to cultivate in order to start working on the next level of gear.