Friday Bullet Points with a Sore Arm

It is time for some bullet points again.  My arm is sore because I managed to get my first COVID-19 vaccine shot this week.  How easy it is to get an appointment for a shot varies from place to place, but here in Silicon Valley it was rather like trying to get Madonna or Lady Gaga concert tickets… only there were about half a dozen different web sites to check.  The state had one, my healthcare provider another, and then a few different store chains with their own.

Several times I had an appointment slot, but by the time I filled out the necessary form, all the appointments had been taken.  I finally lucked out on Safeway’s site and ended up getting my first shot on Wednesday at the store I worked at back in college.

I’m a bit tired still, which is a common side effect, and my left arm hurts.  But I still have enough in me to write up some bullet points.

  • Diablo II Resurrected Alpha

We first officially heard about Diablo II Resurrected at BlizzConline back in February, with a promise that it would ship at some point in 2021.  This weekend is the start of the technical alpha and it is getting some buzz.

The testing has begun

Some of the buzz is due to Blizz doing a give-away for access, but there does seem to be some general excitement about the remaster of this classic ARPG.  For this stage those invited to participate will be able to play the amazon, sorceress, or barbarian, single player, through acts one and two, with no level cap restrictions.  Acts one and two are the best of the game, so I am feeling a bit jealous that I opted in for testing and didn’t get picked. (Invites were all sent by 7am PDT and there was nothing for me.)  But I’ll be able to play soon enough I guess.

  • Enad Global 7 Completes Another Acquisition

I alluded to the fact that EG7 was buying another studio in my EverQuest at 22 post in March because Daybreak titles are now highlighted when EG7 speaks about the IPs they have.  They have now closed the deal, announced back in February, to acquire Innova, a publisher that runs MMORPGs in the EU and Russia.  The price was 109 million Euros (and not $109 million as was reported elsewhere.  The dollar amount is closer to $130 million.  But what’s ~$20 million between friends?)

Crowfall released in 2018? Who knew?

While the titles they have listed do not excite me, Daybreak having access to people on the ground to run games further afield than the greater San Diego metropolitan area might mean something good for them in the long term.  It would certainly be a better plan than selling their players to Pro.SiebenSat.1 or the like.

  • CCP Talks About A Shooter They’re Not Talking About

About two years back CCP said that their planned shooter, Project Nova, which they had been hyping up as late as EVE Vegas 2018, when we were encouraged to sign up for alpha, was going into a transitional stage.  It was going to get a new name and they would not be telling us the name or talking about it until it was ready.

Project Nova no more

Well, now CCP is talking about it, whatever it is now, again.  Sort of.  There are no details, but the new head of the UK studio that is working on the project, Adrian Blunt, gave an interview where he brags that they’re working on a “hugely ambitious” and possibly “genre defining” shooter.  The Nosy Gamer took a look at the whole thing and, so far as I can tell, the only solid information was that 40 people are working on the project.  I’ll be impressed when they have something to actually demo.

  • Runes of Magic has More Things for You

I wrote a bit about Runes of Magic and their twelfth anniversary on Monday, and they were soon back with an addition.  Later that day a message arrived with an offer of more goodies.

You actually have no idea how fast I have leveled up ever

Clicking on the “collect your gifts” link got me to a page that said they had given me a advanced experience charm, a potion of some sort, and 250 gold.  However, where all of that was delivered remains a bit of a mystery.  It wasn’t on my character on the super new EU server.  A friend suggested that it might be a US server thing, but it wasn’t on my character there.

At this point I suspect it went to my old account, which I mentioned they managed to block me from accessing, so the charm and the potion are probably hanging out with my lost diamonds wondering when I will return.

And that is all I have.  I get to head back for my second vaccine shot on the 28th.  Until then, I am still staying home and safe.

6 thoughts on “Friday Bullet Points with a Sore Arm

  1. bhagpuss

    I had my first shot must be a month ago now. Still not heard anything about the follow-up. Would be nice to get it before I get called back to work, which can’t be long now.

    Does EQII still have a Russian server? I thought it closed but I heard someone talking about in chat last week as though it was still around. I know the game does at least have some kind of recognition factor there so maybe Innova can do something with that.


  2. Ralex

    I’ve had a lot of travel & flu vaccinations in my life, but I’ve never had arm pain like after the Moderna shot.

    Nothing that a couple Tylenol couldn’t fix though!

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  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – There has been a lot of discussion as to whether or not we should have followed the UK approach and tried to get everybody their first shot before worrying about the second. But we’d have still struggled with the fact that we’re a country made up of 50 states that all want to do their own thing. (And the vaccine is often handled at a county level, so even our state-wide vaccine web site depends on the counties to step up.)

    @Ralex – My wife got the Moderna shot while I got the Pfizer. Our daughter is angling to get the J&J shot just so we can collect the full set. The soreness is certainly a lot more than any other vaccination I have received, but for other symptoms I’ve had worse from a flu shot.

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  4. PCRedbeard

    Congrats on getting the first shot done! My wife, my youngest, and myself are hoping to get it done next week if all holds well. (My older two are going to get their shots at their universities, both of which will require vaccinations prior to coming back to campus next fall.)

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  5. kiantremayne

    I had my first shot of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine last month – arm was a little sore for a few days, no other side effects. No date for the second shot yet, although people I know who are over 80 or in high risk categories have had theirs. Fortunately neither of those apply to me, so I can wait.

    The process for getting my vaccination done was very slick (which amazed me, given previous encounters with the NHS have had me pretty much screaming to let me re-engineer their processes for them). I received a text message from my NHS doctor with a personalised web link, which let me choose from a list of available slots over the next few days. I turned up at the appointed time, was checked off a list, there was a minimum of paperwork and then I saw the nurse for my jab and was out within 10 minutes. My wife had dropped me off and then driven home, I came back on public transport and was at the front door before she’d finished unloading the shopping from the car.

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  6. Telwyn

    Congrats on the first shot. Sadly for 40 something’s especially in London, we’re in a black hole of uncertainty. A few weeks ago it was rumoured we’d all have a 1st appointment by Easter. Then 5 million doses were delayed and now there’s no vague idea of when we’ll get it. So friends only a few years older have all had their first dose at least, by we’re still waiting to get one.

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