Month in Review Reader Survey

As regular readers will know, on the last day of each month there is a Month in Review posts.  This came about pretty much by accident when I was looking for a post back at the end of September 2006 and it has carried on ever since.

The state of the blog – Sep 2006

(The Internet Archive has a version of the blog from November 2006 if you want to see the old format.)

That very first review post had entries about the site, the games I was playing (EVE Online, World of Warcraft, and Saga of Ryzom of all things), and what was coming.  From that humble post a series currently 175 long has sprung.

The categories have expanded and changed over the years.  Some things have gone… I no longer call out blogs that put me on their blog roll because nobody makes new blogs these days… and others have arrived, with game time tracking being the most recent.

The posts have also grown in size.  That first review was just 500 words.  These days the often go on for five times that length and link out to old posts in a manner that one might characterize as excessive.

In the end these posts have become something of an exercise in nostalgia for me.  The joy of having nearly 15 years of work to look back upon.  But I do wonder at times what others think of this monthly post, so today I have a poll.

The question is, which sections of the month in review you read or find interesting, if any.  If you skip it, just click the “none” option.  Otherwise, it is a multiple choice poll, so you can click all the boxes… though don’t do that, because one of the boxes is “none.”

For whatever reason the embedded poll feature won’t let me do a multiple select poll today, so I guess pick you favorite section.  My plans thwarted as usual.  The comments are there if you have a bone to pick about a particular section.

As usual, ad blockers or other security measures might keep the poll from appearing, but there should be a poll above this sentence.

Of course, this is also an opportune time to bring up something I ought to have in the monthly post, or ought to do away with.  I make no guarantees… these posts have evolved somewhat organically to reflect what I want them to be… but sometimes fresh insight can be instructive.

7 thoughts on “Month in Review Reader Survey

  1. stnylan

    In the x years ago sections I kinda look out for some memorable posts of the past come around – like pokemon on the hamster wheel, or getting your daughter a pet in Blood elf territory in WoW. Which means I’ve been reading your blog for well over a decade I guess.

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  2. bhagpuss

    Well, since the poll only allows one choice i went with “Search terms of the month” just because it always makes me laugh, but obviously I read and enjoy the whole thing from start to finish. My second favorite would “The Site” because I really enjoy reading bloggers writing about blogging and I often learn something. Monthly Game Summaries probably third and then it depends what’s in each section each time around.

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  3. Naithin

    I voted for the ‘x years ago’ section as it probably is my favourite bit, but there isn’t any section I skip entirely on a regular basis.

    I think my second most favourite bit are the game summaries, including the time played percentage breakdown. This is always of interest to me. :)

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  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Just for reference, in writing those posts, the ‘x years ago’ section probably takes 80% of the time spent on the post… I have to do the one year ago from scratch, then I go and verify the five and ten year ago sections even though I pull them from their original one year ago versions… and then I go sifting through the Wikipedia ‘year xxxx in video games’ just to see if there is anything worth adding.

    The site section is often the first thing I write, usually when does something that annoys me.

    Game Time and Most Viewed Posts are probably the quickest bits to do. But the Game Summaries and Coming Up are generally quick passes as well. The search terms I tend to add to over the course of the month as they pop up.

    I have, on several occasions, considered dropping the search terms section because I cannot recall anybody having ever commented about an entry, but then I’ll get something I find funny and it will get a reprieve.

    Finally, in addition to screwing up the multi-select option for polls, the updated dashboard does not let me see what people write in when I have an “other” option anymore. So polls being broken is already in contention for The Site section of April in Review.

    Also, it annoys me every so slightly that I put this in the month in review category because now the count will be all those monthly posts, plus one. But it is about those posts, so I’ll get over it.

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  5. Seraphgrim

    Having been reading your stuff for nearly 10 years now, I mostly read about the site and looking at the “blast from the past” stuff. While at this point I was there for a lot of it, sometimes I don’t remember or sometimes it’s just a fun way to end up going down the rabbit hole, especially the stuff 10+years back or the stuff that’s off-site. I’ve always used that feature, especially when I was a newer reader.

    FWIW the search terms (and your responses) make me smile, and on “most viewed” I always check to see if Alamo is still there. If you wanted to skip them, I don’t think anyone could be upset considering the work you put into them.

    I’d argue that the game time element almost has the least value (if you’re reading month in review you probably read a lot of the past month) but I’d wager that 1) it’s most useful for you in going back to that month for the future and 2) it seems to provide a way to write about games you’re playing somewhat casually or where nothing “newsworthy” happens.


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