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Further Exploration in Valheim

I have to admit that one of the draws of Valheim for me is the obscured world map that you have to go visit in order to reveal what is there.  But there have always been something of a limit on how far a field one might dare go.  I have run into some surprised when trekking through strange territory.

Oh hey, you’re new

Early on, when your gear is in the first tier or two, you have a lot to fear.  I had to be wearing just the basic leather armor in that screen shot because that was the first troll I spotted, so I certainly wasn’t wearing any troll hide.

Going out into strange territory could turn into a mess pretty quickly, especially if you found yourself straying from the merely hazardous black forest into the downright deadly plains.

Still, I have kept on carefully widening the area we have uncovered on the map, poking my nose into places and wandering along the edges of the more dangerous areas.

Spying out the plains

However, for the moment I am now at the pinnacle of gear in a game where a few additional points of armor can make a huge difference in your survival.  While a two star fuling is still a hazard that I need to take care with, the fear of deathsquitos is largely gone.

He’s a mean one

Once able to one shot me, those plains buzzers would be a mere annoyance were I not keen to collect their stingers for arrows.  I move towards each once I spot, take their attack on my shield, then swat them out of the air.

Come at me bro!

So I no longer fear to wander the plains, or any other biome at this point… though I still try to avoid being out at night in the plains when groups of fulings are wandering about looking for trouble.

A greys vs fulings gang fight on a biome border

And I have been using this sense of… if not impunity, at least strength… to get out and explore farther afield.  And the basic tool of exploration in Valheim is the boat.  Nothing moves as quickly or can steer clear of trouble or annoying entanglements.

At sea exploring

I chose the Karve over the longboat due to the nimble nature and shallow draft.  I have had the longboat out before and it is great for hauling, but I’ve also gotten it wedged into some tight places reminiscent of the recent events in the Suez Canal.  The Karve is just easier to deal with for exploration, especially when that channel you were sailing up turns out to have an isthmus that you either need to dig out or carry the boat across.

This time I was able to dig through between fuling attacks

So I have been sailing quite a bit over the last week or so, passing landmarks and finding new places to camp.

Another Bonemass spawn location

I wonder what it would have been like fighting Bonemass right on open water.  Well, if we were going to be up a tree either way, probably the same I guess.

Part of my plan has been to find safe-ish locations adjacent to the as yet unused biome types in order to put down portals that we can use later as a foothold for exploration.  Ideally I try to find a stretch of meadows in the vicinity.  Not only is that generally safe, but usually has a supply of wood near by and often comes complete with some pre-existing structures to work with as a starting point for a base.

Coming ashore at one of the many little meadows bases I have set up

So far I have found a couple of potential footholds near mistlands biomes.  I haven’t gone into them to explore, mostly due to the level of darkness that is enforced in them.  I suspect having that helmet light is going to come in handy when we end up there.

And, on one of my voyages southward, I ended up on a new biome, called the ashlands.

Welcome to the ashlands

I was actually on the edge of the mountains, which is why it is snowy.

I was a little bit paranoid walking into the new biome as there were flaming creatures visible stalking about the terrain.  And then I realized they were just surtlings, which I have faced often enough in the swamps, so need not be afraid.  More coal and cores!

So we have a small base setup near that for future use.  I am continuing my voyages while I am up to being able to tangle with the largest creatures currently in the game.