Blizzard Confirms June 1st for Burning Crusade Classic, May 18th for Pre-Expansion Patch

Of course I’m away from home for the first time in months when the news hits.

Blizzard let slip the June first date for Burning Crusade Classic by accident on Tuesday, but covered it back up again rapidly.

But earlier today they finally let the cat out of the bag, officially confirming both the date for the expansion launch and the rumored May 18th date for the pre-expansion patch.

The Announcement at Last

They even provided the now standard global launch time map.

The World Wide Launch Plan

Come the pre-patch on May 18th we will all have a choice to make, whether or not to go forward into the era of the dark portal or to stay behind and continue on in the classic era.

Choose your path forward

Blizzard has a post up about how to make the choice you want… as well as how to have it both ways should you desire and be willing to part with some real world cash… but it boils down to this set of bullets.

  • On patch day, you’ll be able to open the desktop app and choose which game you want to play—Burning Crusade Classic or WoW Classic.
  • Your existing characters will show on both game types under your old realm name/s.
  • Once you’ve chosen a game to play, you’ll select a character to play and confirm your choice.
  • If you decide you’d like to play your character in both game types, you’ll be able to use an optional paid service to gain access to the cloned character in both game types.
  • Then all you need to do is log in as you normally would and play.

So you have until the 18th to consider your path. For me, the dark portal beckons, and Outland will be the next destination.

3 thoughts on “Blizzard Confirms June 1st for Burning Crusade Classic, May 18th for Pre-Expansion Patch

  1. bhagpuss

    They’re understandably keen to get everyone on board before or on June 1st but a careful reading makes it clear you can drop in any time afterwards and make the same choices. I was wondering about that because I wasn’t planning on resubbing for Burning Crusade for the good reason that it was reaching that content that put an end to my original run in WoW many years ago. I do not look on it with fond nostalgia. What’s more, I did some more of it a few months back when I was trying to figure out how Chromie Time worked and if anything it was even more tedious than I remembered.

    I like the way they’re going to snapshot your classic characters right before the BC launch so you can’t hang back to, say, finish leveling to 60, then pay to move with your extra progress banked. Of course, there’s another interesting option they don’t mention, which would be to just start from scratch at level 1 in Burning Crusade era. I imagine the Classic levelling areas would be pretty chilled out for soloing or premade groups. Not sure how many structural/xp rate changes there are in BC as compared to Classic or whether it got noticably faster or easier then. When WotLK comes along, though, restarting from scratch might be a very attractive option.


  2. Halum

    bhagpuss – I think there are two reasons you would resubscribe for TBC Classic. One is nostalgia, and as you mentioned your mileage may vary on that account

    The other reason, though, is to just be a part of the “event”, and it is hard to understate the impact of that. Day one Classic was incredible. Eula and Skronk literally spawned right in front of me when I logged in right as the servers launched (they have no idea who I am, but they are legend for readers of this blog). Typically, you would say that night was nigh unplayable, there were so many players you couldn’t even tag mobs and we actually made queues for quest items. But that experience with so many players and so much excitement is one of the pinnacles of my MMO career.

    There are a few other “events” that rank on this scale. The opening of the gates of AQ is one, and the opening of the dark portal. We can never recapture the wonder of that first trip to Outland, but the experience of bursting through with 1000 of your closest server mates will be pretty cool.


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