EverQuest II Returns to PvP with the Tarinax Server

The relationship between Norrath and PvP has been fraught over the years.  The rare high points have generally been drowned out by long stretches of bad times and low participation.

There was that brief period on the Nagefan server where PvP flourished, but only with people who stayed level locked around level 20 because PvE focused skills like evacuate opened up too many escape loopholes, frustrating players.  For the most part the tale of PvP in EverQuest II has been one of dead servers and people complaining on the forums.  The last run at a PvP was the 2016 Deathtoll server which lasted less than six months before it was merged into Antonia Bayle and forgotten.

But, in the search for something to get people back into the game Daybreak has decided to try the PvP route for EQ.  And so today they launched the Tarinax PvP server.

Welcome to Tainax

Tarinax is a time locked server, which means that expansions will be opened up over time.  It is launching with the original content along with the Desert of Flames and Kingdom of Sky expansions unlocked.  It also features faction based PvP, which hearkens back to the high point of the Nagefan server of old.

Will is succeed where past attempts have failed?  We shall see.  The only thing I don’t doubt is that, should it not become popular, the forums will be alight with all the things Daybreak did wrong, many of which will be contradictory.

For more information there are today’s update notes and the forum thread announcing the server.

Otherwise the server appears to have gone live at about the time expected, which in and of itself is no small feat for Daybreak.

Now to see if it thrives.

2 thoughts on “EverQuest II Returns to PvP with the Tarinax Server

  1. bhagpuss

    I was going to chip in with something about how busy it is based on the Server Status page… only Daybreak haven’t actually added Tarinax to the list there yet. Every other EQII server records “Low”. It’s the middle of the night in the US, so you might expect that, but EQ has four servers at “High” and nine at “Medium” . It’s pretty much always like that.

    EQII probably needs those PvP players.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – EQII undoubtedly needs those players paying given what we saw with the EG7 numbers. I’m just not sure, after 15 years of trying, if they can create a sustainable situation that makes them happy and keeps them playing for more that a few months at best. A lot of dev effort has been expended over the years trying to make a sustainable PvP server happen.


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