EG7 Will Consolidate MMOs onto 4Games Platform, Hints at New MMO Title

Enad Global 7 did a live video presentation for their Q1 2021 results.

Enad Global 7

Highlights from the presentation:

  • Highest revenue and profit in the history of the company
  • Live games, including the Daybreak titles, made up 50% of their revenue, with recurring revenue items making up 80% of the total
  • There are plans to consolidate all their titles to the Innova 4Games platform, which currently handles some of their European licensed IPs; this includes all of the Daybreak titles
  • Acquisitions will continue
  • There is a new AAA MMO in the works based on “one of the greatest brands in the world”

You can watch the replay of the presentation on YouTube:

There is also a PDF of the presentation available at the EG7 investor relations site here.


8 thoughts on “EG7 Will Consolidate MMOs onto 4Games Platform, Hints at New MMO Title

  1. bhagpuss

    Hmm. So that video is on the YouTube channel of something called Direkt Studios, which seems to be a Swedish PR company. To be fair, he does open with a disclaimer, saying game-related announcements will happen on the gaming channels, but equally he acknowledges gamers will be interested. I wish they’d at least add these to the EG7 channel at the same time they release them to the business community. I really don’t want to have to subscribe to Direkt Studios and get all their Bitcoin and energy company promos.

    As for the actual content, it all sounds very solid. The 4games platform has Lineage II and Ragnarok on it and not much else that I can see. I can’t say I’m delighted about having to go through yet another portal but it’s not like I’m not used to it by now.

    We’re guessing “one of the greatest brands in the world” means EverQuest, right? I guess it could be Lord of the Rings or D&D or even the DC brand but I strongly doubt they have the rights to make new games for any of those licensed properties and H1Z1 is not going to spin off into an mmo so what else is there? Just wait for the mmo news sites to blow up if they confirm a new AAA EQ game…


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – Daybreak still had the rights to make a Marvel game, so a cheap path forward would be Marvel Universe Online, or such would be my guess.

    Also of interest is that he specially said EG7 wasn’t simply going to aggregate games, something of a nod to Gamigo I think, but expand current titles and develop new ones.


  3. bhagpuss

    Oh, yeah, you’re right. I totally forgot they had the Marvel license. That absolutely nails the “greatest brand in the world thing” (I would never call EQ anything like that but EG7 have been trying to big it up that way a lot so I just took it to be more of the usual hype). It’ll be the game Dimensional Ink have already said they’re working on, like MOP said.

    I would definitely play a Marvel-based version of DCUO, especially an updated one with better progression mechanics.


  4. anypo8

    I’m guessing “greatest brand in the world” is something like Coca-Cola, or Altria, or maybe a media franchise like The Bachelor or Fox and Friends. I mean, why be stuck in a rut with the same ol’ same ol’ F/SF MMOs? Let’s do the MMO of a new generation!


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @anypo8 – All the famous brands you could choose and Altria is where you go? While Altria owns some famous tobacco brands, I am convinced that they chose the name “Altria” because it was the most forgettable name they could find.

    That said, I ask you to image an opening cinematic that features a bell hop walking into a crowded lounge and introducing the staring character by shouting out, “Call for Phillip Morris!”

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  6. anypo8

    @wilhem Fair enough. And I’d play the hell out of “The Tobacconist” MMO, you bet I would. But “Fox and Friends Online” is the game 40% of America would be playing. And when one of your whales is Charles Koch, you can charge $1M for that cash-shop monocle and expect to get it.


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    And, as a reminder of how many people parrot the OANN/Newsmax line, even mentioning the performative clown that is MTG got me an angry comment about how Biden stole the election, which I promptly deleted. Those seeking to destroy the US in order to create their Aryan Handmaid’s Tale wet dream of a future are everywhere. And they are trying to do so under the lie of patriotism.

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