CSM16 Voting Begins Today

Voting for candidates in the CSM16 election begins today (and not yesterday, as CCP accidentally indicated for about 20 minutes yesterday morning) and runs through until downtime on June 15th.

The time to vote is NOW!  The instructions are at the link above.

CSM16 voting is here

I have been skeptical of the whole idea since it was announced back in 2008, back when people served six month terms and we had two elections a year, and I haven’t really changed my mind on that.

Picking subject matter experts for a focus group through a popularity contest, which is what all elections amount to, does not seem like the best idea and the CSM only has as much influence as CCP allows it.  It lacks any agency.  (Unless it takes the discussion out of school, which worked exactly once.) Things have been good lately, but bad times are not that far in the past and CCP seems to ebb and flow on the importance of the CSM.  Good ideas have broken on the rocks of CCP indifference for years and bad ideas been championed by CCP against the advice of the CSM.

Still, you work with the process you have, not the process you want, and hope for the best.  You want good people there when CCP decides to listen.  So I encourage people to go vote for sensible candidates that represent their views.  Or meme candidates that will disrupt meetings.  Whatever you think will help.  You do you.

There are 47 candidates on the ballot.  I listed them out with links to their candidate forum post.  I also tried to sort them out into a few general categories, but aside from “incumbents” your mileage may vary.

The candidate field for CSM16

In order to publicize the election, CCP has a daily login reward event going on this week, featuring skill points and some of the other standard items.

Daily Login Rewards

Per the usual routine, Omega clones get all the rewards, Alpha clones get only the top row.  And, of course, Alpha clones cannot vote.

As for how the election will go, that is always an open question.

As I noted in the candidate post, with World War Bee going on there are more players invested in the game, at least theoretically.  But the war is in stalemate and both sides can only bloviate as they try to win the war on /r/eve while the peak concurrent user count has been in a state of decline since about week 32 of the war, back in February, which coincided with PAPI’s recovery from the M2-XFE loss and their finishing up taking all but the final constellation in Delve.

Maybe turnout will exceed last years 36K ballots cast… or maybe not.

Most major null sec blocs will have their suggested ballots.  So far the only one I have see has been the Imperium, which announced theirs on the Meta Show on Saturday.

  1. Merkelchen
  2. Innominate
  3. Brisc Rubal
  4. Baculus Orden
  5. Broodin
  6. Angry Mustache
  7. Micromancer
  8. Xenuria
  9. Suitonia
  10. i Beast

While the ballot is ten candidates long, the Imperium’s votes are generally only enough to get two candidates in for sure, so Merkelchen and Innominate are all but guaranteed a seat.  After that point candidates on the list have to have a constituency outside of the Imperium.  Brisc Rubal has managed that in the past.  Suitonia, i Beast, and even Xenuria have followings outside the Imperium as well, but I would be surprised if more than four people on that list of ten made the cut.  We shall see.

Anyway, since I insist on guessing ahead of time, here is how I think it will play out, in order of who will make the cut, revised from my previous estimate:

  1. Merkelchen (first round)
  2. Gobbins (first round)
  3. Vily
  4. Innominate
  5. Kenneth Feld
  6. Phantomite or Rixx Javix
  7. *wildcard*
  8. Mike Azariah
  9. Whoever is second on the TEST/Legacy ballot
  10. Brisc Rubal, ahead of 11th by less than 100 votes

So there we are.  We will see how wrong I am on June 21st when CCP announced the results.

Anyway, once again, the instructions for voting are available here.  Do what you need to.


2 thoughts on “CSM16 Voting Begins Today

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    The Legacy Coalition ballot appears to be:
    -Arsia Elkin
    -Robert Downy Iron

    So my guess on the winners is a bit off, as Vily is #2, so I imagine Progodlegend and Vily will be the two on from Legacy. If RonUSMC doesn’t get on this year, and I suspect he will not, he’ll probably be on the top of the ballot next time around.


  2. mikeazariah

    Nice to see that you think I have a shot. Not being on any null bloc ballot but just working at getting elected.



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