Last Chance to Vote in the CSM16 Elections

The polls will remain open for the CSM16 election until downtime, 11:00 UTC, June 15th, which gives you a little more that a day to get your vote in from the time this post goes live.  For instructions on how to vote please visit the CCP dev blog on the election.

CSM16 election are under way

As I have noted… pretty much constantly since the idea was announced… the Council of Stellar Management is not the best way to pick a player advisory group, but it is the method we have available to us, so you should take a bit of time to vote.  And it is better than what most MMORPGs have.

I suppose it says something about EVE Online that people can be known well enough in the game for CCP to be able to hold elections.  Imagine this sort of thing in WoW or any other game that is chopped up into servers, separated by regions, and offers content that caps out at maybe 40 people.  Then again, I assure you that if you went up to a random player in high sec and mentioned the most famous player in New Eden, whoever you felt that was, the likely response would be, “Who?”

Anyway, if you don’t know who to vote for CCP has a candidate page.  I also wrote up a post about the candidates where I tried to sort them out into different categories.  There is a good table of candidates over in r/eve, which includes the important “cat ears” support column.  And, if you want to see how others are voting, there is a post about the various bloc ballots at The Nosy Gamer.

All said, time is running out.  Go vote now if you have not done so already.  No candidate is going to be able to make CCP do anything, which we have proven 15 times over at this point, but you might be picking the person who can talk CCP off the ledge of some game breaking idea.

2 thoughts on “Last Chance to Vote in the CSM16 Elections

  1. Mailvaltar

    I have voted, but only to do my duty, so to speak.

    I seriously doubt the CSM has any say in anything CCP does at this point. That might have been different years ago, but they clearly weren’t able to prevent CCP from screwing a lot of things up recently.
    Although, who knows, maybe things would be even worse now without them.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Mailvaltar – The CSM has only ever been able to drive something on its own once, and we’re getting to the 10 year anniversary of that next week. Expect a post!

    Hearing some current and past CSM members speak now and then, they have been able to head off or blunt some bad ideas, but CCP usually knows what they want to do and the CSM gets to suggest tweaks or point out obvious exploits, feedback which gets ignored as often as not. Occasionally, through repetition from multiple CSM members, they can bring an issue to CCP’s attention, but it is a pretty rare thing. High sec war decs was probably the most obvious there.

    But that is still something and, as I said, more than a lot of MMOs get.

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