The Steam Summer Sale 2021 Arrives

It is that time of the year… or one of those times of the year… when Steam has a bigger than usual sale.  Welcome to the Steam Summer Sale 2021.

Here we go again!

In addition to most everything on my wishlist or in my library being discounted… hey, Valheim is even 10% off… Valve has a little Forge Your Fate feature for the sale that is supposed to help guide you towards titles you might appreciate.  I will have to see if it has any influence.  So far it has just guided me to pages that suggest things already on my wishlist.  Maybe I am doing it wrong.

Anyway, the sale is here.  At this point I post about the sale more out of habit than actual enthusiasm.  Steam has long since cured me of being excited about video game discounts, instead making them something I expect.  But at least it got me to log into Steam I suppose… boy, do I have a lot of updates queued.  Maybe I will see something new and interesting.

3 thoughts on “The Steam Summer Sale 2021 Arrives

  1. bhagpuss

    I just checked my wishlist. Eleven titles listed. Eight “Coming Soon”. The other three full price, no discount. To add injury to insult, of those three, the one which had been discounted all week until now has actually lost its discount and therefore gone UP in price for the sale.

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  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @bhagpuss – A slap in the face!

    I have 18 games on my wishlist, 16 of which are discounted between 10% and 80%. One is “Coming Soon” and the other, Galaxicus, is still its early access list price. Darkest Dungeon is the 80% off title, making it $4.99 for the sale.

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  3. mbp

    Steam, even on sale, has long since ceased being the cheapest place to buy games so most of my gaming euros are spent elsewhere these days. Nevertheless many of my game purchases still end up in my Steam library because of the ubiquitous use of steam keys. I have a minor concern that Valve may decide to kick me off the platform some day because of how little I spend with them so I make a conscious effort to try and buy at least one game from every Steam sale, even if I could buy it cheaper elsewhere.


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