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Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Complete

What they don’t tell you about Pokemon Go is how much inventory management is required.  You only have so much bag space and can only store so many Pokemon before you have to start making choices as to what to throw overboard.  Items from your bag you delete, while Pokemon get “transferred” to Professor Willow for further research or to be turned into hot dog meat or something.  I am not sure.

Anyway, about five years into this my wife and I are familiar with this, so while watching TV on Friday night we combed through our bags and storage getting ready for Pokemon Go Fest 2021.

Pokemon Go celebrates five years

I mentioned on Friday that the price had been marked down from $15 to $5, which was a price point we could get on board with.   And, I will say in hindsight that it was probably worth the price, though even if you didn’t buy the ticket you could still participate in a bunch of the events.

the 2021 event price

The main problem for us was that the event ran Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm local time, but my wife, a real estate agent, had an open house to run both days, which cut a good five hours out of the middle of the day for her.  So we got out early, as the even started and spent about 90 minutes working on first day events, which involved catching various Pokemon from a list.

Each hour featured a specific group of Pokemon and had an accompanying world-wide event to do things like spin Pokestops or make great throws which unlocked bonuses for those with tickets.  The rewards included super incubators, which sell in the cash shop for 200 coins generally.

After the open house we went out for an early dinner down town to catch the tail end of the event.  I managed to close out the four main tasks and got pretty far on the special task.  The main attraction of the first day were those incubators and finding the occasional new Pokemon.  I tend to focus on the “catch em all” aspect of the game, so there were not many new Pokemon to be found for me, but I did get Sawk, a big blue fighting type Pokemon that I had been looking for.

Day two was raiding day, and probably the day we put in the most effort. Before the pandemic raiding required you to go stand in physical proximity of the gym you wanted to raid with your friends.  When the plague hit Niantic came up with the remote raid pass which, in addition to probably being a huge money maker for them, allowed you to jump into raids for gyms that appear on your map and allows you to invite remote friends to your raid.

Once again we got out of the house just as things were kicking off and ended up sitting on the steps along the side of the old high school building next to the community center, which put us within physical proximity of four gyms.  If you were up close (and had bought the ticket) you had access to infinite raid passes for the day.  We ran into a group there on the steps that we had met before and raided with them for a bit.  The raids only lasted 20 minutes and then a fresh one would pop up, so we could cycle through the nearby gyms.

We were able to invite a friend of ours who lives up in the mountains where gyms are rare to a bunch of raids so she was able to get some of the tasks done and catch some new legendary Pokemon.

When my wife had to get off to her open house our remote raid group got on text and we did some more raids from there.  Raid day let you earn 8 remote raid passes and there was a special event box in the shop to buy more.  I ended up burning through all my remote raid passes and buying more from the shop a few times.  It is a good thing I had been saving up my coins.  We kept going in bursts… if you used a lucky egg for double xp you were getting 40K xp out of each raid… until the event ran down and the last raids faded.

Because our remote raid group is pretty active I did not end up catching any new legendary Pokemon.  I had caught them all before, though I did get some upgrades and some candies to boost up the ones I already had.

We did complete the special event and got to catch the special legendary Meloetta.

Meloetta the musical legendary

Music was the theme of the whole event and you could choose the rock star or pop star path.  I went with the former and my wife went with the latter, which at the end unlocked some goodies and a pose for each of us.  My avatar is now playing air guitar while hers has a pop star diva pose.  I think she made the better choice.

Overall it was some fun.  Niantic put up a summary post about the event, with a few stats:

  • Trainers caught over 1.5B Pokémon.
  • Trainers spun over 900M PokéStops.
  • Trainers completed over 23M raids.
  • Trainers collectively walked over 125M kilometers.

I know I caught and spun and raided a lot more than usual over the weekend.  But I did most of it sitting down somewhere, so I didn’t add much to that last one.

But we got some stuff, earned a bunch of xp, and got to hang out.  It was a fine event for us.  But next time we’re going to have to see if we can get more of our usual group to come hang out on those steps by the four gyms.  We could have sat there all day and raided non-stop.

And now… now our bags are all full again.  Back to inventory management.