Going Rogue from Outland

I am not sure if it says more about me or the Burning Crusade content that I seem to be spending as much, if not more time, screwing around in old Azeroth as I do in the expansion content.

First, with the coming of the Burning Crusade Classic pre-patch I started working on my druid, who I managed to level from 36 all the way up into Outland.  Then there were trade skills to catch up and thorium to be mined.  And then, faced now with four characters in the expansion that I could work on, I turned around and picked up my rogue Chad.

Chad, or Chadwicke to give his full name, was part of the first group mix early on in WoW Classic.

Group 1.0 – Obama, Skronk, Chad, Jeepy, and Scscla

He was there for the run to Ragefire Chasm in the middle of Orgrimmar, the first instance we took on.  That was almost two years ago at this point.

Inside the instance

I was actually kind of invested in him at the time and had even given him a Chad catch phrase, marcro’d with an emote and sure to annoy everybody before too long.

Roll on brother Chad

However, it was not to be.  We ended up shifting characters and I ended up being the tank with my gnome warrior Viniki.

I worked on him for a little bit longer.  There was the possibility of another regrouping with Earl, but that never came to pass.  So he ended up at level 21 before I moved on to other characters.

When I returned to him last month he was still in the Santa’s Helper guise, from Winter Veil 2019 if I recall right.  That change has a 60 minute timer on it, so he hadn’t been logged in long during the intervening time.

I have also had a problematic relationship with rogues in WoW over the years.  It isn’t always a play style that suits me, so I wasn’t sure I would stick with it once I got him out again.  However, things seem to have gone well as he is already up to level 37.

I am glad I gave him a try for a few reasons.

First, it was nice to remind myself that the rogue isn’t as much like the cat form feral druid as I tend to think.  Sometimes I equate the two, forgetting some of the extras either class brings to the party.  Having buffs and heals makes the feral druid feel very different out in the field.

Second, which goes along with the previous one somewhat, is how complicated a class rogues were back in the early days of WoW.  I remembered lockpicking, which is a skill you get early on with your rogues, though I had forgotten the effort needed to go out and keep the skill up to date.

And then there are poisons.  I had totally forgotten that poisons were a thing and hadn’t really reached the point where I could unlock them before I let Chad slide.  Once I did the class quest to unlock those I had a whole new aspect of the game to play with.  There is a poison for every occasion and two weapons to coat so I can mix and match.  Also, poisons are both something that unlocks as you level up and a skill you have to keep up with, though the latter is pretty easy I suppose if you just make enough poison to keep your weapons coated at all times.

Finally, it has been interesting to see how much the game changed between the build chosen for WoW Classic and the build chosen for Burning Crusade Classic.

I got a bit of that with Alioto, my druid, going from 36 to 60 back in May and June.  But he was already at the start of the great dead spot for WoW Classic quests, so while I could see some improvement, he had to work a bit to get back on the center of the path forward.

Chad, at 21, got to enter his 30s and experience the fullness of quest options available.  Partially because there are more quests and partially because quest givers are on the mini map now so you don’t miss as many quests by accident, Chad hit level 36 and I felt like his quest log wasn’t big enough.  There is now almost an embarrassment of quests available, though I am trying to do them in order of level… I need that addon that puts the quest level in your quest log… to make sure I don’t gray out a bunch by mistake.  It doesn’t help that the WoW Head leveling guide is a bit off on which zones fall into which level bands.

If I play this through right I should vault Chad into his 40s with lots of options still available.

And then there are the quality of life improvements.  I mentioned the quest givers on the mini map, but there are also a few key new flight points.  At Chad’s level the new flight point at the Rebel Camp at the north end of Stranglethorn Vale is a huge help.

A new flight point has appeared

That means that the half dozen quests that require you to run back and forth from Booty Bay and either the Rebel Camp or Nessingwary’s camp are much easier to deal with.  I look forward to avoiding some similar runs when I get to Felwood, where there is also a new flight point.

And, with all that, I also got to enjoy getting a mount at level 30.

Riding through Redridge harvesting

Fortunately I have enough gold on my alts that it was now a no brainer to buy a mount for Chad.  It doesn’t seem like that long ago when we were working to scrape together the 10 silver for a guild charter.

Anyway, I am having fun with a rogue… whether or not that means I am avoiding Outland will likely be decided when he gets to 58.  Do I just roll up a shaman then?

Addendum: This post was written over the weekend, before the news broke about Activision Blizzard, so this might be the last post about their games until they do something.

6 thoughts on “Going Rogue from Outland

  1. PCRedbeard

    I’ve been enjoying going back into the Old World more than I would ever care to admit, and my questing buddy recently told me how much she misses Classic compared to the craziness in Outland.


  2. Nogamara

    I had actually forgotten how much fun Rogue back then could be that’s why I also blitzed through levels 36 to 51 just after TBC Classic launched.

    Unlike you it was one of my favorite classes up until BfA, I guess, and my main for so many years. And even now in retail I’m a little wistful that I play Warrior and not Rogue…


  3. PCRedbeard


    The fact that A-B went totally on the offensive (and it was offensive that way as well) tells me that they think they’ll win in the “bros will be bros” court of public opinion. But that since this was a two year investigation by the State of California, they probably have them nailed dead to rights. The actual complaint reads far worse than what we’ve seen so far.


  4. Archey

    I’m not in a big hurry to convict them yet. I’ve rarely seen a corporate entity respond so forcefully to accusations – usually it’s just a bland “we are cooperating with authorities” statement.

    Is it believable that there were some frat boy/toxic gamer behavior going on? Definitely. Is it possible a state agency overzealously rushed to make noise without doing their homework? Also definitely, in my opinion.

    While I’m not doing anything yet, I’ll be watching this one closely.


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