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PAPI Begins Pulling Out of Delve

Starting at peak EUTZ prime time yesterday PAPI finally put their long anticipated attack plan into motion.  They pushed a large number of subcaps through the gate between 1DQ and T5ZI while simultaneously black ops bridging strategic cruiser fleets into systems within the O-EIMK constellation in order to try and gain some sort of foothold.

O-EIMK Constellation – Aug 2, 2021

Pings went out for fleets on both sides.  It happened to be lunch time for me so I was able to jump in and get in the Mister Vee Eagle fleet, which warped off to the T5ZI gate in 1DQ in order to help with the defense.  Other fleets joined in and super carriers undocked and sent their fighters to the gate as well.

Off to the defense in the bubble sphere around the gate

Even as I logged in tidi was hitting 10% and there were more than 2,000 capsuleers in 1DQ, a number that would pass 4,000 at the peak of the battle.

It did not go well for PAPI.  Fleets coming through the gate into 1DQ were met with a hail of fire.  While they concentrated on the HAW dreads, Imperium forces chewed through their subcaps.

Ships in the bubbles

While the main line of the Imperium forces held the line in 1DQ, The Initiative moved out to contain the strategic cruiser drops elsewhere in the constellation, thwarting their plans, catching them refitting on a Nestor and destroying them, leaving PAPI few options.  When The Initiative was through with their mission they jumped through into T5ZI to shoot PAPI members attempting to retreat from the battle in 1DQ.

The battle report shows PAPI lost almost 3,000 ships in the clash.

Battle Report Header

The clash was enough to top the peak concurrent user number from the previous week, with 27,350 accounts logged into the game at the height of the battle.

Even before the fight in 1DQ was done there were reports that Legacy alliances were starting to unanchor structures in the areas they had taken from the Imperium, which came as a bit of a surprise to their allies.

As that news began to spread the alliances in PAPI started announcing to their members that they would be pulling out of Delve.  TEST declared victory and then said they would be leaving Delve, Querious, and Period Basis, the territory that they had vowed to live in when the war was done.

Over in the Brave meeting Dunk Dinkle was much more candid about the outcome, declaring that the Imperium had won because we were able to hold together even as the attackers started coming apart, and that they needed to leave Querious to escape the wrath of The Mittani who had apparently extended an offer to change sides about six months back.

On the Imperium side there was much rejoicing.

Celebratory doomsdays on the capitol Keepstar

We stood up to almost the entire rest of null sec for more than a year and came out the other end still in possession of our capitol and most of our assets.  I personally have very few items waiting for me in asset safety from structure losses as we had time and space to retreat back into Delve and then into 1DQ.  And we certainly had more than enough ships and pilots to repel PAPI’s final attack.

As for the war, it is far from over.  The Imperium has only become more charged up with this news.  There is much work to be done.

PAPI still needs to extract themselves from Delve.  The coalition will need to hold tight to get away safely lest the avenging Goons catch them and defeat them in detail.  Some groups will be able to safely retire back to their space.  I can’t see us going across null sec to try and attack Pandemic Horde or Fraternity, and some of the alliances that were in PAPI mostly in name towards the end will probably walk away without much impact.

But Legacy Alliance in general, and TEST in particular… if they think there will be peace living next door in their old space, they are sadly mistaken.  We all remember Vily declaring this a war of extermination against The Imperrium.  And he didn’t say that on fleet coms or in a Legacy town hall or on Talking in Stations, but to a major gaming news site.

When we started this war, we knew that we were fighting this to the end,” Vily told Polygon. “For us, this is a war of extermination. This is a war to the death. We are aiming for the removal of Mittani and The Imperium from Eve Online. […] We are here to purge them.

-Vily, in an interview with Polygon about the war

So expect that to come back to haunt him and those who follow him going forward.

Progodlegend suggested in his initial statement I listened to that TEST would just go back and take up residence in their old space… presumably after evicting some of the Imperium allies who now own a lot of it.  He blamed not being able to defeat the Imperium on game mechanics and claimed that anybody could hole up in a constellation and defend it indefinitely.   However, he didn’t seem keen to test that theory as it later came out that TEST would be headed for the Dronelands, on the eastern side of New Eden, far from Goons.  We’ll see if that is far enough.

As for who won, both sides will claim victory via various metrics and calculations.  Less than a month ago I speculated as to how the war might end.  I was wrong in thinking that PAPI wouldn’t just walk away I guess.  But I did point out that the usual ending in New Eden is that one side gives up and goes away, retreats from the field of conflict and finds a home elsewhere.  In my experience we rarely count that side the winner.

For the moment there is still a celebratory mood in 1DQ.

More V for Victory formations

We withstood the onslaught.  Now to see how the reverse of the flow plays out for us.  The last chapter of World War Bee has yet to be written.