Honest Game Trailers does Burning Crusade Classic

One of the problems with playing mostly old games is that Honest Game Trailers is mostly videos of games I probably won’t ever play.   But not this time.  This time they had Burning Crusade Classic.

Before the Dark Portal

And their assessment all feels pretty true to me.


I have a a few posts already from WoW Classic in the Burning Crusade era that have us still back in Azeroth taking care of unfinished business, including getting our epic mounts.  But I also leveled up my druid from 36 to 60 and, that done, started in on my level 21 rogue rather than spend my free time playing my mains.

Some of that was, in part, because of the instance group taking a bit of a summer hiatus.  We do go places now then.  But some of it is just reminding me that, over the years, I have said that I wasn’t too keen on the overland questing in Outland and that I might not have been mis-remembering how I felt at the time.

Still, I am not getting on the refugee boat to FFXIV.

Nope, not going there.  I can hold out for Wrath of the Lich King.  I swear.  I’ll level up in Outland eventually.

9 thoughts on “Honest Game Trailers does Burning Crusade Classic

  1. Halum

    Come on over to the refugee boat. The water is fine.

    Ran three new dungeons in ffxiv Saturday night. In each one, when I told the group it was my first time they waited so I could watch all the cinematics instead of vote kicking or calling me a noob,

    Incredible experience. Almost makes it possible to overlook the strangely sexualized bunny people.


  2. Павел Шарипов

    Questing without flying certainly pain in the butt? even in supposed low level zones. It’s as if Blizzard designed zones with flying in mind then just decided to block flying till 70. I mean what’s the deal with very high flypoints in Telredor and Telaar? And blade edge mountains supposed to be 65-68 zone, how in hell you supposed to navigate it without flying mount :/


  3. Nosy Gamer

    Did I ever mention that the free trial of FFXIV is for an unlimited time and includes the critically acclaimed Heavensward expansion? :)

    You don’t have to be a WoW refugee to play FFXIV. The person running the largest FFXIV Discord server is in Pandemic Legion. She told me she’s the unofficial encyclopedia about the game in PL (and possibly NC.). All you have to do is not mind playing a Final Fantasy game. Some people can’t get over the art style (and some of the character races).


  4. Yeebo

    FFXIV is great if you like the story style of the offline FF games, and/ or if you can be satisfied just crafting (it has a fantastically fun crafting system). However, for the most part it’s a generic tab target fantasy MMO polished until it gleams. There isn’t a lot about it that’s ground breaking, unless working hard to come up with solutions to some of the minor design flaws that hold back similar games can itself be called innovative. That sounds familiar, where have I heard about something else like that?

    Regardless, I got a very fun 8-9 months out of it, but found my interest tapering off lately. I am on a break as of yesterday (my sub just ran out).

    I would be moving straight to BC classic next, but I have serious doubts about ever giving Blizzard more money again after all the news that broke this month. Maybe if in a few weeks or months I hear through the grapevine that things have actually gotten better with the leadership chance I will consider it. I know all corporations are amoral nearly by definition, but you have to draw a line somewhere.


  5. Nosy Gamer

    @Wilhelm – Oh, so you encountered the toughest boss in the game. The Square Enix website is a mess, and they’ve improved it since I started playing.


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