Caldari Union Day Celebrations Return to EVE Online

The fourth of the annual New Eden faction celebrations has arrived.  The Gallente, the Minmatar, and the Amarr have all had their events, now it is time for Caldari Union Day, which celebrates the founding of the Caldari corporate state after it broke with the Gallente Federation.

After Sept 8th you can go back to slouching

While only one faction gets a full fledged event every year… I believe that was the Minmatar this time around… they all get at least some formal celebration.

As is par for the course, there is a login reward campaign.  You have seven days to log in and claim the five prizes… well, six days as of this post, since the event went live yesterday.

Login Rewards for Omega and Alpha

Despite having some very nice Union Day SKINs, the login campaign only gets you the olive drab Wiyrkomi SKINs.  Very military looking, but not very flashy.  To get the Union Day SKINs you’ll need to spend some money on PLEX packages.

  • 240 PLEX gets you the Corax Union Day SKIN
  • 500 PLEX gets you the Drake Union Day SKIN
  • 2,860 gets you the Naga & Rokh Union Day SKINs

However, the you might want to buy some PLEX because the New Eden Store in-game has some additional SKINs up for sale right now, including a few Caldari variations on the ever popular black and white police SKINs.  I will be scooping all of those up… except maybe the Golem SKIN.  Seems unlikely that I’ll ever buy a Golem. (Though I can fly one.)

There are a series of small events going on for Union Day, including the daily task that sends you off to shoot fireworks at Caldari fleet parades in various systems.

The fleet awaits your arrival

That gets you 2,500 skill points, which is not bad.  You also get to see all the capital ships if you’ve never seen them before.

There is also a mining blitz and a special proving grounds event as well as a a couple of new monuments to New Eden events making their debut and a propaganda content, which has become a thing for all of these events.

Details are available at the dev blog about the event.

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