Return from Highway 3000

I have been away on vacation for the last week or so, off in the land of Highway 3000.

Highway 3000 calls

That is the Hawaii state highway system number for the Lahaina Bypass, a 2.7 mile stretch or highway that lets people go around Lahaina, reducing congestion for both those who live there and those trying to get through the area.  It is a spiffy little stretch of road.  I just find 3000 to be a very big number for a very short run… plus “3000” feels like the new “2000,” the number that represents some distant technological paradise.  Anyway, it makes me smile whenever I see those signs.

Being away means that the posts between the first and today were all hastily pre-written in a flurry of activity before getting on a plane.  I would suggest that you might have noticed a decline in quality, but they all look about as half-cooked as most things I write. (I did managed to fix a couple of the more egregious typos and leave a couple of comments via my iPad.)

My new motto here is “everything is a first draft.”

The one give away might have been my lack of reaction to various events, from Apple winning most of its case against Epic or EverQuest offering perks for a price or Ji Ham being revealed to the public for the first time.  There may be a few posts to catch up if I can muster some opinions or a wry observation or two about what went on.

As for the time away, it was quite refreshing.  “Hot vax summer” has taken on a new meaning with the delta variant and wearing a mask everywhere in the tropics isn’t my idea of fun, but it was peaceful and the views were nice.

The view from our room in Kaanapali

Though they say you haven’t been to the real Hawaii until you’ve run across chickens.

Where the chickens are

There used to be chickens running around the rental car area at the airport on Maui, but they’ve since built a new rental car parking garage that is not suitable for livestock, so you have to look further afield now.

I will likely have one car related post based on our trip, probably next weekend.  For those who have enjoyed past posts, this will be another in the series.  You might even learn something about Maui.

And then there is the blog anniversary post.  Today is the actual blog anniversary, but I am not done with the post yet.  When we got home yesterday the internet was down.  After 90 minutes on the phone with Comcast technical support my only conclusion was that if you cease to suckle at the teat of the internet too long it might run dry on you when you need it again.

So I am back to sucking.

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