Honest Game Trailers does Diablo II Resurrected

By about the 30 second mark of this video I felt very seen.


I mean, I don’t play with random people online and I haven’t had much problem with the servers being offline… I play on BNet, but being in Pacific time zone has been good to me… but I am definitely ignoring a lot of newer and arguably better games to play something that’s mechanics are past the 20 year mark.

Also, I am pretty sure I have paid for Diablo II at least three times.  I kept a copy at work and another at home back in the day.  And, frankly, I am kind of interested in how it plays on console.  Is the Switch Lite screen too small for that to be a realistic option?

And while I am somewhat numb already to the sheer quantity of loot that drops, I do get kind of a surge when I get something like this out of the blue.

Just a chest in a building, maybe I should skip it…

That was in Act I on Normal mode.  The RNG hates me most days, then suddenly goes soft and throws me four rares out of left field that I will probably end up wearing through Act V because nothing else good will drop for the next month.

Anyway, there will probably be more posts about Diablo II Resurrected here because I post about what I play.

2 thoughts on “Honest Game Trailers does Diablo II Resurrected

  1. Tipa

    We just had our second static group night in D2 last night. I am not loving how I can’t tell the good guys from the bad and being left behind as everyone runs ahead on killing sprees. I dunno if this game will keep us all that long.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Tipa – Do you have a necro in your group with a skeleton posse? That does complicate things.

    I mentioned in a previous post that we had to dig in the settings a bit to get everybody showing up on the map, which helped somewhat. But it is still easy to get spread out. It is less of a problem in dungeons than out in the open world, though some dungeons have their own group issues. The Maggot Lair is all single file tubes, which makes ordering the group correctly a priority.


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