Daily Archives: November 6, 2021

The Unexpected 5K Award

I have mentioned that WordPress.com has achievements of some sort, though I don’t think they have a list of them published anywhere, so save for the consecutive days of posting, I am really not sure what they’re looking.

And then last week I received one for 5,000 page views.  It wasn’t for this blog, which is working its way towards the 6 million page view mark (I wonder if I’ll get an achievement for that) but for a blog I started on a whim back in August of 2011, Stuff MMO Bloggers Like.

You have made it to 5K

I am pretty sure I was inspired at the time by a blogging trend that was popular at the time which included titles such as Stuff White People Like, Stuff Black People Like, Stuff Southerners Like, and so on.

The entries for those blogs were always numbered, and so I followed suit, thinking this might be fertile ground.

And I made it to four posts.

I probably could have made it further.  While I am not sure there were a hundred posts of content in that series, I can think of half a dozen more that would have at least been relevant at the time, if less so now.

I suspect that I realized, as I always do with these side projects, that I have about one blog’s worth of effort in me, and if I expend that effort elsewhere then this blog will likely suffer.  Better to concentrate my efforts.

If I had been smart at the time I would have just made that a weekly series of posts here, something for Saturday maybe.  Instead I felt the experiment needed a new blog and a new pseudonym… I don’t know why the latter always seems important to me, but it does… to have its full effect.

That effect being 5,000 page view in a little over a decade.  Whatever.

The odd thing, however, is that when I went and checked the statistics for the site, it has 5,530 page view, well over the 5K number.  And its current rate of traffic indicates that it probably hit the 5K mark years back, given that it seems to get about a dozen page views a month on average over the last few years.  Its peak was a whopping 532 page views in March of 2013 and it was easily past the 5K mark by the end of 2014.

Anyway, just another odd WP.com thing.

Addendum: There is even a half finished 5th post still in the drafts folder titled, “That guy in the PUG.”  Maybe I should finish that.