WoW Classic Season of Mastery Name Reservations Available Today

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Season of Mastery, their return to the nostalgia well, is on its way.  This is another fresh start opportunity for those wanting the day one WoW Classic experience, and the whole thing kicks off for real today… or tonight… or possibly tomorrow depending on where you live… with a name reservation event.

When you can get logged in to reserve a character name

There was a similar event for WoW Classic more than two years back, which turned into a bit of a fiasco because they hadn’t put up enough servers.  Not enough servers became a bit of a theme for the launch, with long queues and more servers being added and layering tech, which allowed more players to be on a server than it would otherwise hold, having to run much longer into the life of the game than Blizzard expected.

So I am sure that this time around Blizzard will be prepared.  That have had the big WoW Classic launch, back in 2019, and the Burning Crusade Classic launch earlier this year, to help them size things.

And with all of that experience, they have 13 servers setup for name reservations today, eight in the US and Pacific and five in Europe.

  • U.S. East Barman Shanker PvP
  • U.S. East Jom Gabbar PvP
  • U.S. East Shadowstrike Normal
  • U.S. West Mutanus PvP
  • U.S. West Nightfall PvP
  • U.S. West Obsidian Edge Normal
  • Australia Lionheart Normal
  • Australia Swamp of Sorrows PvP
  • EU Bonescythe PvP
  • EU Dreadnaught PvP
  • EU Ironfoe PvP
  • EU Kingsfall Normal
  • EU Quel’Serrar Normal

That doesn’t seem like a lot of servers.

But I cannot tell if the Blizzard team feels that WoW Classic has been done once, so it won’t ever be as popular again so there is no need to plan on anything like the 80+ servers WoW Classic eventually needed the first time around, or if they feel that Blizzard’s bad odor in the news cycle means nobody will show up for their grand re-opening (though that certainly didn’t seem to be a problem for Diablo II Resurrected).

Now, I suspect that this event is as much to let people reserve names… though this time around you will be limited to one character on one server… as it is a way to test the popularity of the idea.  After the 2019 name reservation event Blizzard started adding a lot more servers.

So we will have to wait and see if Blizzard piles on some more servers between today’s name reservation event and next Tuesday’s launch of the WoW Classic Season of Mastery.

2 thoughts on “WoW Classic Season of Mastery Name Reservations Available Today

  1. Shintar

    I’m curious to see how these perform. I know there is an audience for them, but I’m just not sure how big it really is. Anecdotally, all the conversations and polls I’ve seen on the subject indicated that only a very small percentage of existing Classic players are interested in this.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Shintar – My baseline for this is always EverQuest, where they seem to be able to crank up a new progression server every other year and end up with queues and crowding due to its popularity.

    But, that is only a single server and the population always dwindles after the first couple of expansion unlocks. There does, however, seem to be a hardcore retro-raider demographic that jumps in every single time. The Season of Mastery seems to be targeting them with the changes in difficulty to the vanilla raids. We shall see.


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