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Protests in Jita over New Dawn Changes

Friday’s dev blog outlining CCP’s plan for resource harvesting, the foundation of the “new age of prosperity” they are touting, the gateway to the end of their economic starvation policy of the last 18 months, has ended up getting a thumbs down from a vocal group of commentators.

One wag suggested that the message from CCP in the New Dawn graphic was that you should just fly your mining ships into the sun.

A message received

When picked apart the update seemed to having something for most everybody to hate.  There certainly seems to be some blunders when listening to the complaints.

The low yield, high waste mining crystals I mentioned on Friday as a possible error are apparently a thing because CCP still harbors the delusion that we’re going to go offensively mine out out enemy’s belts, despite the fact that in doing so we would be improving their ADMs thus making their space more defensible.  No, if we’re going to do anything, it will be blowing up their miners because mining is boring and kill mails are awesome.

And the nerfing of Rorquals on multiple fronts then offering a 2 for 1 deal on skill extractors seems too cutesy to be a coincidence, so some are taking it as a big middle finger from CCP, a pre-emptive response to any complaints.

There are always people who aren’t directly and immediately affected by any particular update or who will simply support CCP out of the misapprehension that a corporation can be their friend, so there is a lot of anger at people who are upset about the changes.  But resource gathering is the foundation of the New Eden economy and it feels like CCP has decided to make a dull game play mechanic more annoying to manage.  It is certainly difficult to see how all of this totals up to a “new age of prosperity.”  This feels more like the economic starvation plan being written in stone, with waste and loss balancing out any gains and everything simply being more complicated.  It is as though CCP does not want scarcity to end, and that will ripple up the supply chain.

As often happens when even a few people get mad about some change that CCP has made or proposed, there was a call to go shoot the monument in Jita.  Since this appeared to work during the Incarna crisis ten and a half years back… though I suspect people unsubscribing was the real pressure on CCP… shooting the monument has been the go to option for any slight.

And I will be the first to say that it is a completely ineffective method of protest 99.9% of the time… and probably 100% of the time if people are not unsubscribing as well.  Every time I see somebody calling for a protest in r/eve, call for people to shoot the monument since Incarna, it has added up to a whole lot of nothing.  I check in on the occasional protest that gets some support on Reddit, and if they get more than 100 ships in on the protest it is miracle.

Yesterday’s protest got more backing than the typical Reddit rage, in large part because the the Imperium endorsed the protest and The Mittani was on Jabber pinging out a request for people to join in and shoot the monument at 17:00 UTC.

Between that and calls on Reddit, the numbers in Jita local swelled.  There are generally about 2,000 people in Jita local most days, maybe a bit more on the weekend, but I haven’t seen it past 2,500 in ages.  At 17:00 UTC when I checked in there were already people at the monument and local was past 4,000.

Now, one of the sly things that CCP did when they redid the Jita 4-4 market hub station was stick the monument out back behind the new structure, so it is not visible from the undock where people are coming and going.  They basically hid the traditional point of protest in New Eden, so if you can only get a hundred people out there shooting the monument, nobody is even likely to even see you.

The monument location in Jita

However, when you can get thousands of people to your protest time dilation starts to kick in as the sheer numbers shooting and talking in local begin to have an effect above and beyond the typical protest of since Incarna. Everything in Jita was moving at 10% speed for a stretch of hours on Satuday.  People were reporting problems being able to gate into Jita, with freighters stuck on the gate in Perimeter.

Shooting the monument

Local was giving different readings for different people.  I saw over 6,200 people in Jita reliably at times, but others were reporting numbers higher than that, including numbers past the 6,557 mark that set a Guinness World Record at the battle of FWST-8.

One of my readings during the day

If accurate, that means that almost a quarter of the pilots in game at some points on Saturday were in Jita.  (Even with the protest the PCU for Saturday fell short of 30K, hitting 29,908 at 18:40 UTC.)

Now, of course, all of this ends up with the question as to whether even such a large protest can make a difference.  I suspect that CCP will do what they generally do and push ahead with their plans, dismissing all dissent, if they even bother do acknowledge it.  I suspect they won’t even do that. As I said about the WoW Community Council, a few agreeing voices will drown out a multitude of complaints in the minds of most people.

The view from CCP has always been that nobody tells CCP what to do… except maybe Pearl Abyss, and PA seems hot on NFTs, which probably explains why CCP doubled down NFTs for the second weekend of the Alliance Tournament, even pushing players to link their accounts to some blockchain abomination. So add that to the list of things to be angry about.

But where there are protests there are also actions behind the scenes.  Maybe enough people will unsubscribe for CCP to take notice.  Their economic starvation plan already helped diminish the PCU and made both sides in the biggest war in EVE Online history reluctant to engage in the very battles, the large and costly capital ship clashes, that make headlines and set world records.  The changes they are proposing seem unlikely to bring back those big battles they love to promote.

Prosperity denied.

Meanwhile, the the plan is to carry on with the protest in Jita today whether or not CCP is listening.


CCPs only response to any of this was to say that Jita is capped at 4,000 players and that everybody’s local chat counter was wrong… which tells you all you need to know about how their chat server implementation is going a few years since it was put in place.

CCP says 4K is the limit

I think the 4K cap actually works in favor of the protest.  If the protesters stuff the system and keep people from getting in, that has more impact than just shooting the hidden monument.