We Group Up in New World

As I mentioned previously, we were able to form our company, Crag Boar Corruption, and get everybody invited.  Now we just had to get together and figure out what we could do as a group.

Mudstone and Snoop had made their way into Windsward and off north, ahead of the pack.  I was still lingering in that town, while Ulalu and Oswald were finding their way there.  Windsward seemed the spot for all of us to meet up, so when we were all on last weekend we made that our first objective.

So we all made our way to Windsward, spoke to the innkeeper and made the place our home.  We met up for the first time as a company just outside the city as we escorted Ulalu into town after her run from Monarch’s Bluff.

The first full meeting of Crag Boar Corruption

Ulalu had to make the run both because she hadn’t been to Windsward yet and because she did not yet possess any Azoth, the mysterious elixir resource that, among other things, allows fast travel.

Once together and settled into town, it was time to figure out what to do as a group, which led us to a few discoveries.  For example, there doesn’t seem to be any way to tell what quests other people in the group are on.

We’ve been spoiled by quest journals in some other titles… I hate to bring up the WoW comparison, but WoW does this right… when you’re in a group and can see who else is on the same quest as you.  The ability to keep a group in sync is clearly still on Amazon’s “to do” list.

We thought maybe we could grab some faction quests to help improve our standing as we played together, but those are all level based and somewhat random even between people in the same level band.  Two of us could get one quest in common, but we couldn’t get everybody on the same on.

We had heard a bit about expeditions, but we were too low level for that.

Eventually we decided we would try to sync up on the main story quest.  That meant a bit of back tracking as Mudstone and Snoop were a bit ahead while Ulalu was behind and I, somehow, didn’t have a main story quest in my journal, which seemed to indicate that I had failed to pick it up somewhere along the way.

Mudstone found a the quest chain online so we could find where we were.

We headed over to Monarch’s Bluff, where Ulalu and I started, in order to move her along the main story quest line and to figure out where I fell off the quest chain.  That meant a run over the Wren island, where I knew I had been before, then back to Monarch’s Bluff again.

Out and about on the main story line

After a few quests, all of which I recognized, we hit the one quest that is on all the paths, The Old Man and the River, which has you fast travel to a point west of Windsward City.  That is the reason we all settled down there.

Fast traveling, which Ulalu now had the Azoth to do, brought us into contact with Yonas Alazar, the hermit fisherman.

Reconnecting with Yonas

There Ulalu was able to pick up the next quest, as did I.  Apparently when I spoke to him on my first pass I was in such a hurry to get to Windsward City that I forgot to pick up the next quest.

That got three of us, myself, Ulalu, and Oswald in sync on the main story line.  Mudstone and Snoop had already done that quest, and recently enough that they were able to lead us there and guide us through fairly quickly.  Then it was back to Yonas again for the next quest, A Lost Cause.

That actually got the group all together on the same quest.  It only took us about 90 minutes to get there, but it wasn’t all bad.

The next quest sent us to a tower called Arcturus, which once again made me wish I had just gone with the name Wilhelm Arcturus for the game.  Oh well, I’m invested now and don’t want to start over.

I claim this in my name… it being my name

We managed to get through that fairly readily.  With five of us normal mobs were melting pretty quickly and even the bosses were fast to fall.

We ran that and did some exploring, then headed back to Yonas.  Along the way I was able to find out how to turn off the UI, so I got our first group screenshot without out names and company logos looming over our heads.

Ulalu, Oswald, Stannislav, Mudstone, and Snoop

We also started talking about weapons and who might specialize on what.  Given the whole “weapon skills develop with use” mechanic, it seemed like a good thing to commit at some point before level 20, when skill respecs start to cost.

Mudstone had been doing the smart thing, running around and experimenting with different weapons to see what suited him.  In our picture above he is wielding the new void gauntlet, which is a pretty cool looking weapon in use.

I, on the other hand, was more haphazard in my approach, just trying things that happened to drop… and I literally had no weapons drop for quite a stretch.  As such, I was already pretty invested in the sword and shield as a primary.  I had been using the musket as a secondary, but might give that up for a great axe to use when I need DPS more than a shield.

But Ulalu had the best weapon choice of all, the fire staff, which emits a flamethrower-like jet of flame as an attack.

I hope that wasn’t flamable

Anyway, we are moving along.  Expeditions should be viable with a bit more work.

3 thoughts on “We Group Up in New World

  1. bhagpuss

    I don’t think New World is designed with any expectation that people will group for regular quests. The NPCs are pretty hot on telling you when you get a quest that needs a party (The traditional “Better bring some friends – you’re going to need them”.) I can’t exactly remembner when you first start to run across the “5 person” camps, villages and wotnot but it’s relatively son. I think Weaver’s Fen might have been the first I saw but it could have been earlier.

    There all those red corruption sites that pop up everywhere, too, of course. You need at least one person to have the Stage 1 Azoth Staff to start doing those. No-one ever seems to do any of those under the cap on my server any more. They are extremely similar to Rifts although the hideous red/black smog makes them a lot less fun than any Rift I ever did.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. pkudude99

    That flamethrower skill is apparently decent in PvP, but pretty crappy in PvE, I’m told. I dunno, since I’ve never done pvp, so I honestly never even took the skill, but that’s what I hear, anyway.

    So far as weapons go, everything’s at least “serviceable” for solo PvE content, but for the min/max crowd it’s Great Axe / Warhammer all the way.

    FWIW, the game’s meta for weapons right now is more or less:

    S — Great Axe, Warhammer, Life Staff (for heals, not dps)
    A — Sword and Shield (for tanking), Hatchet
    B —
    C — Bow for ranged, Rapier
    F — Everything else.

    It used to be different, but the last patch completely gutted the magic weapons. The rapier got a big buff from where it was, but still isn’t that great due to its poor hitbox and oddly slow animations.

    The Void Gauntlet is apparently pretty decent if one uses the melee side of it, but I was a pure Fire/Ice mage and the last patch’s nerfing of my beloved ice gauntlet, well… that was the last straw broke the camel’s back, so I’ve uninstalled the game now and probably won’t be back until after I feel “done” with the new FFXIV expansion, so hopefully bug fixes and balance tweaks will be implemented while I’m away. Time will tell.

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  3. kiantremayne

    On the weapons – muskets are pretty much required, at least as a third weapon, for anyone joining wars on my server, as they’re used to suppress enemy siege weapons as well as snipe at their back line. It’s not very effective as a solo questing weapon. However, having a musket or bow is handy if you’re hunting elk or bison for meat and hides. Spears are good weapon for both PvE and PvP as they have good crowd control options, as well as AoE and mobility. The war hammer is the meta weapon for CC< but spear gives a decent and more mobile alternative.

    The void gauntlet is indeed pretty decent as a solo weapon with the void blade, but it excels when you're in a group.

    And as a note – stat respecs start to cost gold from level 20 (scaling up to 200 gold at level 60, as I get over 600 gold for taking part in one invasion its not a crippling cost). Resetting weapon skill points are free if you have less than mastery 10 in that particular weapon, so you can fiddle around with different builds on each weapon in the early days. After that, resetting a weapon costs a small amount of azoth, again not a problematic amount as I'm capped on azoth most of the time.

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