Daily Archives: November 28, 2021

Honest Game Trailers does New World

Just in time for our group to get stuck into New World, Honest Game Trailers has an episode devoted to the game.

Welcome to a New World

The video actually hits on a number of points that we have experience in our short run so far.   I mentioned in my first post about us getting into the game that trading between players and the trading post were turned off due to yet another dupe bug.


We’re still having fun of course, and are getting into the various aspects of the game, which does have its own flavor.  And we’re clearly past the main problems of the first few weeks of the game where just being able to log in was an issue.

But in looking into the news I keep running into the statement that it uses a “client authoritative” model, something that Amazon says is not so, but admits that it has been allowing the client to override server inputs leading to some of the exploits that have been coming up… and that keep coming up.

Anyway, we’re low enough level, just entering the 20s, that we’ve not been impacted by the various issues that have come up.  We cannot, for example, even afford houses yet, so a furniture dupe bug isn’t even an option.  Still, we’ve seen more than our share of graphical glitches and other oddities while playing together.   We’ll be sticking around for now, but it is starting to become a bit of a meme about there being some fresh new major issue every week.