A Return to Tanks

As the month started and my WoW account lapsed I was looking for another game to play that would be good in short sessions, something I could jump into for maybe 30 minutes at the end of the evening.  And, for no particular reason I thought of World of Tanks.

World of Tanks

There were a few times over the last year or so when I thought about going back to give it another run, but there was always something else that was just ahead of it.  So I missed the game’s 10th anniversary and a few other events.  But this month I finally decided to go back and play for a bit.

And I discovered that it had been a while.

The version I had installed, that I migrated from my old computer, hadn’t actually been touched since 2015, if the file dates are to be believed.  The client I had was so far out of date, or was missing enough files from the move, that it couldn’t be patched up.  I had to uninstall it and then install a fresh copy of the game.  And I had to figure out my account login before I could even do that.

Fortunately I have that saved away someplace where I managed to find it.  I made the account back in 2010, back before the game went live.

But I got myself logged in and the client installed, and once it launched and loaded up, which seemed to take a long time considering I have it on a fast SSD, I was back in the game… with all my old stuff.

I had 22 tanks in my garage, with about 18 crews, bits of various currency, and even our old clan was still there, Les Chars de Combustion, with the flaming French tank logo.

Les Chars de Combustion

I also had some gifts waiting for me.  Wargaming.net had a pile of stuff including some premium time and a badge by my name indicating that I had been in the beta.  I think that might be false advertising as it might imply that I had gained some skill or was any good at the game.

Let me assure you I am not, and I am probably worse now than I was six years back.  I’ve forgotten all the maps and I am frankly just less responsive on the fly.

I ran through a bunch of tanks and tank destroyers before I settled down in a niche that seemed to, if not suit me, at least expose fewer of my flaws.  I ended up settling down on a rotation with the KV-1, the Soviet Churchill, and the Soviet Valentine II, all of which tend to be able to take a hit better than some of my other options.

My style of play tends to be to simply wade into the middle of the action and shoot targets as they appear.

As often as not, that leads to an early death… which is why I rotate between the three tanks because I just get back in the queue again to play again unless the match is really close.

The Churchill charred yet again

It can be discouraging at times.  But I think I have disproved Gevlon’s conspiracy theory that the game is fixed to ensure that you maintain about a 50% win rate.  My win rate this month is more like 10%.

But once in a while I find myself in the right spot at the right time and… well, we still lose, but we go down in a glorious defeat.

Medals awarded posthumously

So I log in a couple of evenings a week and slug it out some more, favoring my slow by well armored rides.

A pretty heavy light tank the Valentine

Between this and Forza Horizon 5 I have my low cost, low commitment gaming covered I think.

1 thought on “A Return to Tanks

  1. kiantremayne

    I tried getting back into World of Tanks last year. I remembered it as being a slower paced, tactical game (at least compared to most shooters). Either the game had sped up in my absence, or I’ve got even slower with age than I thought I had, as every match seemed to result in my going “LOL WUT… dead!” in short order. I’m finding the naval sister game, World of Warships, much more my speed. Even the recent introduction of submarines hasn’t managed to ruin that for me.

    For either game, I recommend watching one of the many videos by The Mighty Jingles as he provides commentaries to other people’s game replays. I’ve actually learned a fair bit bout how to play better, as well as being thoroughly entertained, and as a member of our generation Jingles is one of the handful of YouTubers who I don’t find intensely annoying.


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