Feeling the Lack of Alts in New World

Quite a bit has gone wrong with New World since launch, from server queues to dupe bugs to time sync problems to patches that seem to be trying to fix problems by punishing players… Belghast had a whole long post about that yesterday… most of which I have managed to dodge so far.

Welcome to a New World

Basically the overcrowded era went by before our group got in the saddle and we’re not really high enough level yet to worry about some of the late game issues.  We’ve had a couple of points with features turned off, like all player trading, but nothing that has had much impact on us.  We’re happy right now.

And yet, somehow, I manage to find problems for myself.

One of the quirks of New World is that they only allow you to have a single character per server group.  No alts.

In a game without classes, where you build up weapon skills and can respec along the way, this is probably not a horrible design decision.  It isn’t like EverQuest II that launched with 20 classes and a dozen races and then told players they could only have four characters.  And in a game with world control PvP not allowing alts probably solves a few potential problems, like spies and what not.

And, frankly, as a feature it should theoretically help me keep focused as I do tend to run off and make alts.  I can just keep one character moving forward since I can’t have another one on the same server.

The problem is that, in playing as a group, we are trying to move through the game together, we try to stick close in levels.  It isn’t much fun if once of us rabbits off to level 50 and everybody else is in their 20s still.  And real life dictates the amount of time we can spend on the game, which varies from week to week. (And I am not always the one with the most time to spend.  Both Potshot and Ula, as of this writing, have more time with the game according to Steam than I do, though I suspect somebody left it open at the menu for a while at some point.)

Anyway, as we got to level 20 people had to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I put a brake on adventuring and went off to do trade skill stuff to level up my harvesting and crafting.  But that also gives you experience.  Lots of experience.  I popped up three more levels just mining ore and chopping  trees for the most part.  And then Amazon went and stuck rested experience in the game as well.

So I have really found myself wishing I could have an alt on the same server who could maybe go out and do some harvesting and maybe stockpile some resources… though I would have to use somebody in the company to transfer between an alt and my main… just so I can poke around and make some sort of useful contribution to the team while not getting too far ahead.

I realize I could just play my other character on a different server group, but I am not on a server with anybody I know… that was a character that I rolled up during the era of the long queues when there was the promise of free server transfers some day, which are now available, but a number of people have stopped playing so I am not sure I have a destination.  All of which makes play that character feel a bit empty or redundant.

And that ends up with me simply NOT playing New World very much over the last week or so even though I want to because I don’t want to get way out in front of the group.

Which is a very first world… or New World… problem I suppose.  I have other titles to play.  Too many really.  And this is a temporary problem, as we’ll get back to playing as a group when the weekend comes.

I just have a bit more free time than the rest of the group at the moment and… well, I am certainly not adding to the economy, helping build up crafting levels, helping my faction, or contributing to the slumping concurrent player graph people keep pointing to with panic in their voice.

Because I cannot have an alt.

6 thoughts on “Feeling the Lack of Alts in New World

  1. SynCaine

    Losing momentum in a game, especially an MMO, is killer for me, and something like this is a major momentum killer. It’s odd more games don’t just let you toggle XP gain off. Can’t be hard to add.

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  2. bhagpuss

    The ovbvious, if expensive, solution would be to buy a second account and roll on the same server. There’s player-to-player trading so you could hand over items just like we used to do in EQ back in the day. And New World is Buy to Play so it’s a one-off expense.

    I’m going to be playing Visions of Vetrovia for a while so New World’s going to lie fallow for a bit but I’ll be back.

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  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – It isn’t like Amazon hasn’t tried to solve a few of the problems that hit every single MMORPG launch ever, but the list is about a thousand rows long and they hit maybe 50 items and declared the rest didn’t apply to them… and have paid for it ever since.

    Turning off XP is always a feature that developers look at you like your speaking gibberish when you ask for it, and yet most of them get there eventually or at least figure out a way for you to channel XP into other things. We’ll see.

    @Bhagpuss – Yes, and I speak as somebody who has a couple accounts for every MMORPG I have played seriously over the last 20+ years, that is a solid option. (There is an idea for a post, which games were worth my making a second account. I think EVE Online wins with 6 accounts.)

    New World makes this a bit more annoying in that it is a Steam only title, so I have to make a new Steam account as well, and I am not even sure how to run two Steam sessions at once. Not a bad idea, but I wish it had come up three days ago when New World was 25% off!

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  4. Nimgimli

    While you can respec, it would still be nice to have an alt with high Strength for Tanking and another with high.. Wisdom or IQ or whatever it is, for healing. You can’t really ‘do everything’ on a single character without constantly re-speccing back and forth.

    Let us have alts but make the faction choice account-wide for that server, maybe? In other words you can have alts but they’ll all be in the same faction.

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  5. pkudude99

    @TAGN — I’ve heard that via Amazon’s “family sharing” that one can have multiple New World accounts from the same Steam account. I don’t know how that works, though… just heard that it’s an option.

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  6. kiantremayne

    @pkdude99 – New World DID have account sharing. This meant you could let other Steam accounts (supposedly family members) play, but not when you’re online (so it was a 1 concurrent user licence). Possibly predictably, this had the hell abused out of it by gold farmers and botters and so was turned off. File it under ‘this is why we can’t have nice things’.

    Amazon did mail out free game keys to all of the legitimate family sharing accounts they could identify when they did this, which was a nice touch.

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