Honest Trailers and No Time to Die

We spent some time at our house warming up for the final Daniel Craig Bond film, No Time to Die, followed by a write up of the movie struck me, so it is probably pretty unremarkable that I was up for the Honest Trailers take on the film.

As with my own write up, there are spoilers in this video.

This hits on a couple of the points that I made, like the fact that things kind of lose their edge when Ana de Armas character Paloma, the most dynamic person in the whole film, waves bye-bye and the fact that it is difficult to sustain a five movie narrative arc when it takes 15 years to get there.

But if you’re really into it, the Honest Trailers Commentary discussion video, where they go over the film goes into some further details about the movie and where Bond might go next.

Because, of course, James Bond will return.

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