Seeking the Azoth Staff

By Sunday it was decided that we had been farting around long enough.  We hadn’t heard from Mudstone, we wanted to play, and the three of us online, Oswald, Ulalu, and myself, had all been creeping up in levels.  Alts had been discussed, but that seems to come down to making new Steam account and then buying another copy of New World, and I am not sure any of us were committed enough yet to drop another $40 on the game.

So the three of us got together and set out for the next goal on our, to claim the Azoth Staff.

Oswald, Stannislav, and Ulalu

The Azoth Staff is required for dungeons and closing the rifts… invasions… infestations… whatever those patches of corruption are that pop up around the world, usually just when you’re trying to harvest something.

Obtaining the staff is done by following the main story quest line, though figuring that out via Google was a bit of a chore.  Lots of technically correct yet unhelpful answers are out there at the top of the search results.

We had left off as a group at The Living Seed quest, which sends you up to Everfall to meet with Adiana Theron for an ingredient necessary to create the staff.  Before she hands that over though she has a few tasks for you.  Basically you have to unplug the plumbing, which is connected to the Canary Mine somehow, and get her Azoth fountain flowing again, though you have to travel back to town to make some stuff along the way.  There is a travel shrine close by, but she still seemed to not mind any expense in Azoth, though I guess if you have a fountain of Azoth in your front yard you probably expect everybody else does too.

Hey, can I just grab a bucket of this Azoth for later?

That done it was back to Yonas the hermit who wanted us to grab some silver ingots in order to forge the base of the staff.  Silver ingots I had in excess, since there are more silver nodes than iron nodes where I had been mining.  There was a bit of parkour to get up to an anvil to craft the base, but the movement options are a strong point of the game.  You can’t jump, grab a ledge, and pull yourself up in WoW. (And don’t get me started on the weird wall climbing mechanic in EQII.)

With the ingredients in hand, it was off to Everfall again to another shrine where we would complete the staff.  We fought our way in so we could press E to create the staff.

Press E to dispense staff, press F to pay respects

As we did this in turn we each held up our imaginary staff in triumph.

Behold my pretend staff!

New World has a problem with that now and then.  If you watch other people fish, when they catch something they appear to be holding up an invisible fish.

Anyway, we did get the staff.

The Staff is a tool

There is a special tool slot for the Azoth Staff, so we all equipped it and then went back to Yonas to see what was next.

Yonas wanted us to learn to use the staff in order to defeat infestations of corruption first.  I misread the first destination and led us off to a nearby infestation, but Oswald pointed out that we needed to deal with a specific one at the Harplass Homestead.  We turned around and headed for that.  Along the way we ran across a giant turkey.

It was immense and standing on the banks of the river we were crossing.

Giant Turkey! Run!

I ran closer to it in order to get a better look at it and freaking flame lasers shot out of eyes and hit me for half of my health on the first hit.  I ran away and we gave it a very wide berth as we traveled to Harplass Homestead.

At the homestead we found all sorts of corruption.  We had to kill a few creatures, then get in and hit the E key at three corrupted nodes in order to get quest update credit.

Closing a node

That done, we then had to go take on a real live infestation where we quickly found out that our time at Harplass Homestead taught us nothing of value, save for using the E key, and I think we were up on that particular aspect of the game.

Our first run was a bit of a disaster.  We died, came back, ran away, tried again, ran away some more.  This was really our first time having to coordinate as a team, so we were having to work out exactly how to fight something, hold aggro, keep people healed, and all of that.

Going up against a corruption tendril

We managed to finish one with some outside help, and a second when Oswald found a free moment and hit E on the node while Ulalu and I were being chased around by a horde of corrupted things.

For the third that Yonas wanted we had to travel a bit.  We ran to one spot that we had marked on the map, only to find that the infestation had been cleared before we arrived, then on to another with the same result.  We eventually got our final one, but it took some running around.

And just as we wrapped that up and were back talking to Yonas, Mudstone logged in and was ready to go.

So we went back through and did everything again.

Up at the Canary Mine again with Mudstone

We even managed to wipe on an infestation again, so he got the authentic experience.

Then, when we all had our Azoth Staff and were all finally in sync on the main quest line, the next task on our list was to seek out the Amrine Excavation, the first dungeon in the game.  We’ll get to that next time.

3 thoughts on “Seeking the Azoth Staff

  1. kiantremayne

    Ah Turkulon, Feathered Avenger of Death. As well as shooting fricking lasers from its head it lays explosive eggs, pecks at any fool who stands in front of it and at one point sat on me. Looks like you met yours in the plains, but if you encounter Turkulon in a forest you’ll see it knocking down trees as it waddles through them like the awesome feathery kaiju that it is.

    Say what you like about AGS, but SOMEONE there has a sense of humour.

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