Daily Archives: December 12, 2021

Too Much Time on Reddit

Reddit, like so many other platforms this time of year, is eager to serve up some stats about your 2021 experience.  So I clicked on the notification to see what stats they had about my activity.

And, I have to admit, I was bit shocked at the amount of time Reddit has me recorded as being online there.

Basically I hang out in r/eve

On see this, part of me thought, “This must be a mistake.”  I don’t even like Reddit as a platform to read news or game info.  But apparently I have been recorded as spending 180 hours there so far this year.  I must have been idle for some of that time, right?  Left the browser up with r/eve open and walked away?

But the math kind of works out.  That is maybe 30 minutes a day, and there was a stretch during World War Bee where r/eve was the place to be for war news and memes.  Seriously, I think I wrote more words about the was than all the EVE Online news sites combined, and I hardly covered things in detail.  So if you wanted to know what was going on at a given time or see the latest war memes or get an ear full of somebody complaining how too many people were talking about the war and couldn’t we all just shut up, r/eve was the destination.

It was actually quite different than the Casino War, where r/reve felt very much like a unified front against the Imperium.  World War Bee saw the Imperium go for days owning the sub-reddit.  There was an ongoing rumor that the Imperium had a new SIG called RedditSwarm and that we were all being paid by the coalition for our posts, something Imperium posters jumped right on and ran with.

The odd thing is that, somewhere along the way this year I earned 1.7K karma… upvotes essentially… this year, bringing my total to 4,059 as of this writing.  I’ve been on Reddit for a decade, passing the 10 year mark back in June, and 40% of my karma is from this year.

Which I am sure is not a lot of karma, but I don’t know how I even earned that much.  I think I have a grand total of three posts on r/eve over the last decade, and only one I can recall from this year, a meme Monday post which got 114 upvotes… and mostly because it mined Homestar Runner nostalgia.

Anyway, clearly I spent too much time on Reddit this year.