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Forza Horizon 4 as a Destination Today

In exploring the similarities between Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Horizon 5, one concern of mine was that the older game might not be as good.  This did not end up being an issue as, at their cores, both titles are twins, both fun, open world racing games with lots to do and explore.

Forza Horizon 4

A secondary concern of mine was the fact that I was taking on a title that the studio was apparently done with.  With FH5 out early last month and selling like gangbusters, there was a bit of worry in the back of my mind that it might be a bit late to jump on board with FH4.  What happens to the older sibling when a brand new baby shows up in the house?

So far that worry has been groundless.  In fact, it might be a bit of a boon.

The game is, I suspect, “done” for whatever value you assign to an online title that won’t be getting any new DLC but which is online and supported and still being played regularly by many.

In fact, it is likely giving me a peek at how FH5 will develop as the DLC and additions are already all in place and I can kind of see how things might develop for the newer title.

I am also happy I opted for the FH4 Ultimate Edition, which had been marked down from $100 to $35 for the Steam Autumn sale, which means that I appear to have the great bulk of the additional items available with the game.

The only real problem I have, which isn’t really a problem at all, is that there is so much to do and explore in the game that I do feel like I’ve barely dented the game in a few weeks of play.

Some of that is how I approach the title.  Often it is something I launch at the end of the evening to play, something relaxing, and I just drive around, chasing down some of the minor achievements, like driving all the roads on the main map.

How many roads must a man drive down? 531 I guess

Or I will re-run races I have already done, but in a different class of vehicles.  FH4 mostly does a good job of filling up a race grid with cars of comparable rating and class.  If you go in with big American iron, you generally end up facing the same, for example, though I am not sure if a 58 Plymouth Fury is really in the same league as an American Motors Javelin AMX, which is more than a decade newer.

I say that and yet the Plymouth is beating me

Having run down the roads on the main map I traveled to Fortune Island, some additional content in the game.

Welcome to Fortune Island

It has its own roads and races and achievements to conquer, plus its own cryptic treasure hunt where you have to figure out the car you need to drive and the feat you need to perform in it in order to unlock a treasure chest… which you also have to go find.  But the treasure chest has a million credits in it, which is a lot.

A Million Credits!

Given that some of the more rare vehicles on the market can be priced at 10 million credits or beyond I’ll need some big cash influxes like that if I want to own them all.

Even though I am well past the 30 hour mark for playing the game and am closing in on level 100… content unlocks with levels as a surprising rate, and levels come from just running into stuff at times, which makes me very prone to leveling up… I still have a lot of things to discover.

Fortune Island vista

So a pretty good purchase for me.  I’ll me interested to see if the game goes on sale again for the Steam Winter Sale, which should show up next week.  At a discounted price it is a pretty good deal, all the content is now available, and FH5 isn’t going anywhere while I play this.