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My Year in EVE Online 2021

As has now become the custom, CCP put together videos for players of EVE Online in order to sum up what they did in 2021.

As it went last year, they tried to consolidate my alts into one report, though they are five alts shy of the mark by my count.

My and my droogs

Judging from the stats, they excluded my main combat alt account, which is on a different email address.  That would have added another 18 titan kills, which would sum up to at least another trillion on top of what the video for Wilhelm shows, plus a lot more fleets.  My alt sat in a fax waiting for the word to jump quite a few times.

There are some details about the video creation process in the forums.  The data presented is from December 1st 2020 through November 30th 2021. (Though the news post says January 1st 2021 through November 30th… because CCP… but that isn’t correct because my big kill below is outside of that date range.)

Unlike past years, my main alt did not get his own video, probably because that account is now unsubscribed, though the forum post said he should get one so long as he was Omega for at least one month.  Anyway, nothing for him so far.  I should probably simplify this and just put all my accounts on the same email address, since that is how they group them.

Anyway, getting to the point at last, here is the video.  As before I uploaded it to YouTube because it will disappear from CCP’s site at some point next month.


Some of the numbers from the video:

  • SP gained: 37,437,792
  • Stargate jumps: 1,860
  • Systems visited: 539
  • Market transactions: 460
  • ISK value sold: 1,506,619,735 ISK
  • ISK value purchased: 1,041,174,000 ISK
  • ISK net gain for the year: -7,261,166,571

Skill points is clearly across multiple accounts, while stargate jumps and systems visited are a bit down from 2020, though by December of 2020 we didn’t have to go very far to find a fight as World War Bee was on our doorstep in Delve.

Market transactions are likewise not too far off of last year, though the value of what I purchased and what I sold are much lower than last year.

And then there is my net ISK gain for the year… and I was down more than 7 billion ISK, which is a lot for me.  But 5 billion of that was put into Imperium war bonds.  Still, that put me down 2.6 billion ISK for the year, 1.5x what I was down last year.  I suspect that the 2.6 billion ISK went into  ship contracts for hulls that are still sitting in my hangar.  I invested in backup ships for the final battle that never came.

So, from a view of assets, allowing that my war bonds are worth the 5 billion I paid for them, 2021 was a bit of a wash.  I’ll just have to lose all those ships in my hangar so I can claim SRP in order to get my ISK back.

Then there are the fun bits of the report.

Ship kills and value

I was on 902 killmails in 2021, including 39 structures.  That was up from 834 in 2020, though I was on 44 structure kills that year.  The total value of the killmails I was on though… two trillion ISK.  That was up considerably over the 240 billion ISK I was on in 2020, largely due to the two battles at M2-XFE I am sure, though clearing out PAPI structures at the end of the war no doubt help some.

This, of course, doesn’t line up with my zKillboad stats for the same time frame, but the system is fallible.

Time to Fleet Up

I was in 201 fleets in 2021 for a total of 982 hours.  That is 4.8 hours per fleet.  I suspect that the M2-XFE hell camp inflated the total hours considerably as I would spend all day working from home in one of those fleets with the overview just peeking around the side of what I was working on.

Still, even with almost a thousand hours in fleets I am only in the top 17%.  Some of you people just log in, fleet up, and hang out all day long I guess.

As for largest fleet joined… fleets can only have 256 players.  I should my in a many thousands tie for first place.

On my kill mails

My nemesis this year was Vanock Alland who I suspect, from looking at their killboard, is just somebody in the Spartan Vanguard corporation in TEST Alliance who goes on a lot of fleets.  They have been on almost 54K killmails  (about ten times my total count and they’ve played EVE about half as long), so seem a likely person to get shot by in any given battle against TEST.

Most valuable killmail

The priciest killmail I was on was for TScan’s Erebus, which I managed to hit with the ECM Burst module on my Rokh early on in the first titan battle at M2-XFE.  I am a bit surprised I made it on that killmail as I docked up the Rokh, jump cloned back to 1DQ1-A, got into a Damnation, and spent most of the fight boosting for one of the super fleets.

Also, the replacement value today for that Erebus today is at least double the 106 billion listed there.  I hope he got his hull replaced quickly.

Fire for effect

Damage doesn’t equal kills, and double so when it comes to structures, where you have to go through the shield, armor, and hull attacks on three different days.

But I still want to divide out damage per kill.

For ships I hit for just 600 damage per kill when spread over the 902 killmails I was on in 2021.

When it comes to structures I put out 129,511 points of damage when spread across the 39 structure killmails.  That put me in the top ten percent, no doubt because I am good at remembering to recycle my guns after they have reloaded.  I know on most shoots there are the people vying for top damage in their polarized fits shooting T2 ammo.  I generally just shoot T1 rounds, cheapskate that I am.

Dynamic duo

And the person I shared the most killmails with was fellow Reaver (look at that jacket and pose) Rathbon.  I guess we must be in the same time zone, or at least play the same hours.

So it goes.  We shall see what 2022 brings.


Using the video finder linked in the forum post I was able to find the video for my main alt, which I will paste in here.

Not as exciting as my main, though he did get another 1.8 trillion in kill mails thanks to being on the line and shooting at the first M2-XFE fight.

For those interested, you can find my posts about past videos below: