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My Time with Twitch in 2021

Yes, I have another post about another online thing that decided to tell me all about what I did in 2021.  This time it is Twitch, which sent me an infographic about what I spent my time watching.

tl;dr – I watched EVE Online related stuff.

I mean sure, the recap mentions a few other things in my top five.

Twitch categories I watched the most in 2021

But I am pretty sure most of that is a lie or because I walked away from a stream and it ended and the streamer I was watching sent traffic to another channel that was playing something else.  I cannot recall ever watching Phasmophobia or Final Fantasy XIV ever.

Just look at my top five channels.

The Top Five Channels

Imperium News in entirely EVE Online.

Mind1 is the DJ for Saturday Night Swarm in EVE Online.  I sometimes tune in to watch him at other times, but it is 99% EVE Online related when I do watch.

Rampage Incorporated is Merkelchen, Brisc Rubal, and Innominate roaming in EVE Online most of the time, though they do play other games and I am pretty sure I watched Merk playing WoW Shadowlands back in January when people were still playing that.

CCP is the studio with only one game, EVE Online.  I watch the dev broadcasts, a bit of the alliance tournament, and occasional Carneros when he does a chill stream.

And TheDoctorUK is… can you guess?  An EVE Online player.  We were corp mates back in TNT, before I defected to KarmaFleet.  He was streaming the Jita protests at one point and sometimes does the DJ thing for the Euro time zone edition of Saturday Night Swarm.  I am actually kind of surprised he came in ahead of ZehPando or New Eden Post, both also EVE Online streams, but I suspect I left

So, as with Reddit, I have been known to watch things other than EVE Online related shows and streams, it is pretty rare.

Here is my summary inforgraphic from Twitch.

What I did on Twitch in 2021

The top three channels changed a bit from last year’s summary, Rampage Inc took third place from CCP.  They also didn’t include the total hours watched, so I can’t tell you how much more of one than I watched than the other.  But I suspect that aspect of the summary last year probably raised some eyebrows when people found out how much time they spent with their top three channels.

Anyway, something else about 2021.