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Amrine Amiright?

As noted the last time around, the plan for the next run at the Amrine Excavation was to get all five people in our company into the mix in the hope that the extra DPS would help us get past the final boss, Simon Grey.  So when we got together on Saturday our party looked like this.

  • Stannislav – level 28 sword/shield and great axe
  • Ulalu – level 27 fire staff and ice gauntlet
  • Oswald – level 27 healing staff and void gauntlet
  • Mudstone – level 26 hatchet and great axe
  • SnoopDog420 – level 20 hatchet and musket

As you can see, Snoop was a bit behind us.  Classes and finals kept him from playing for the last few weeks, so we decided to take a detour to at least get him his Azoth Staff.  We didn’t think that would take too long.  Mudstone and Snoop ran off to do some of the lead-in quests and Snoop quickly hit 21 and then made it to 22 before he got to the point where you actually assemble the staff.

A couple of us joined in and ran with him from Everfall to the altar where you actually assemble the staff.  We helped him fight his way in and he got up there and pressed E to assemble the staff, which was even visible in his hand when he did it, unlike when we ran the quest a while back.

Snoop raises his staff for all to see

Unfortunately, the visibility of the staff was no indicator as to whether or not it had been created, because after he did that the quest reset itself back to the state where you need to combine the pieces to make the staff.  The parts were back in his inventory and the staff was not present.

He reset the quest, an option in your journal, and tried to craft the staff again.  Same animation, same negative result.  We went back to talk to Yonas the Hermit to see if there was something bugged and if he could drop the quest and get it again.  All of this was to no avail, the quest would not complete.

That was when he noticed that the level of the quest was 23.  He was only level 22 still and the quest seemed to be taking that level requirement very seriously.  I was pretty sure that Mudstone had only been 22 when he did the quest, but the way New World goes every time they do a patch they break something new. (This week you can’t move groups of items to and from you storage, you have to drag each stack individually.)

So we decided to help him get to level 23, which took a bit.  He had just hit 22 and, while it doesn’t take forever to level up, you still have to go off and work at it.

Some time later he made it to 23, we went to the alter, he combined the pieces, and this time it worked.

Staff created

Then we ran back to town, did a fast travel to Yonas again, and picked up the next quests for Snoop because we wanted him to get to the quest for the Amrine Excavation as well.  Dealing with the initial infestation went quickly with five of us, and our first live infestation went well, but after that we ran out of infestations to track down.  We had to run all over the map, finally following a group of level 60s that were shutting them down in quick succession and getting in enough hits to update Snoops quest log.

Finally we had that done and went back to Yonas, which got him the right quest at last.  And then Snoops time ran out.  He had a commitment elsewhere and had to leave.  We had been at it for a couple of hours at that point.  So we all took a bit of a break, then the four of us got back together to go run the expedition anyway.

Back through the first seal once more

Things went pretty smoothly for us.  We were all a bit higher level and Oswald had found a life staff with the fortify bonus on it, which mean his heals were also buffs, so there wasn’t much that went awry.  We had one group that got ads and somehow got out of hand and two of us went down, but otherwise we pressed on without issue, even finishing off Foreman Nakashima without any real drama.

Nakashima after us again

But we bested him last time with a single death, so no deaths wasn’t a huge surprise.

All of which led us to Simon Grey once more.

There he is again

Based on comments in last week’s post, my plan was to block and back up, keeping aggro all the way, dragging Simon and his minions about while Oswald kept me healed and Mudstone and Ulalu put all DPS on the big guy.

The first run went south quickly as I ended up wedged in the corner on the far side of Simon, unable to get away.  Movement is a lot easier planned than executed when a boss is beating on you and pushing you back.  We wiped without getting him even a quarter of the way down.

The second run also saw me fumble a bit and get stuck against another wall for a bit.  We had him halfway down before I fell and the wipe set in, which put us about on par with previous attempts.

The third run I made a concerted effort to stay away from any place I could get pinned, and was dodging back successfully, though I was taking a lot of damage even with the block up most of the time.  And then I mis-timed my big AOE taunt.  Simon’s minions respawned right after I hit it and one of them ended up chasing down Oswald and bringing him down.

At that point it seemed like we were done, so I gave up my “back up and block” routine and just started running around, turning to taunt when my cool downs were up, but otherwise just staying the hell away from Simon as much as possible… and it seemed to be working out very well.  A minion got away from me again and brought down Ulalu, but I was close by and suddenly realize that combat resses are a thing in New World and anybody can do it.

By that point Oswald had already released, but I shouted for Mudstone to ress Ulalu, which he did, and we carried on with me kiting Simon around.  It was going pretty well, but eventually I took some hits when my health potions were on cool down and that was that.

Beaten down by Simon again

Ulalu and Mudstone kept on blasting him… he was down below 15% easy before they went down.

That wasn’t a successful run, but we were all sure we could finish him on the next one.  I felt a bit dumb forgetting that you could just revive people in combat, but with than in mind and me going to full out “run away and taunt” tanking, the next round saw Simon go down.  We didn’t even need to ress anybody.  It was a clean win, which was immediately announced to us.

Victory for us

There was, of course, an achievement to be collected.

Achievement for the win

Fortunately my achievements, which had been showing a blank, 0% completed all week, suddenly started working again on Saturday.  They still don’t get transmitted to Steam reliably, but they at least show up in game again.  You also get the title Archeologist, so fortunately titles were working again as well.

There was also loot to grab.

A little something for the effort

There wasn’t anything in there I wanted to equip, but at least I could salvage them for more repair parts.  The good stuff is all bind on pick up anyway.

We also ran over to grab the heartgem for Yonas, which was part of his quest.

Remember the mission

And then we looked around for where to take a picture.  When mobs die in New World, unless they have something you can harvest, the just disappear, so there was no bloated dead body of Simon Grey to take a picture in front of.  So we just went for a shot about where he stands.

At the end in our holiday coats

And then we got to take the winners way out of the instance.

The exit portal drops you off out front

We turned in the bone quest to Barkimedes out front, then ran back to town where I turned in the two Syndicate faction quests I had picked up.  Then it was off to Yonas to turn the main story quest in as well.  Lots of things to turn in and new levels were hit all around I think.

And so it goes.  Once we found the right plan, it wasn’t so tough.  I am not sure we could have made it happen on our first run, when we were very disorganized, but it is quite possible we could have managed it the second time if we had only figured it out.

Now we just need to get Snoop back online and through the instance.