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Sent to a New World in New World

We have been at New World for a while now as a group… we’ve finished the first dungeon finally… but we came in late, long after the initial surge of players had abated.  The game isn’t dying as some would have you believe.  It still gets a concurrent user count that keeps it well within the top ten titles on Steam according to the charts, but that is still well down from the 900K numbers we saw early on.

Welcome to a New New World

We started getting notifications last week that our server… as well as the server my alt was on… were on the list for merges.

These servers were on the list

There was also a count down clock, which was a helpful reminder, but which also put an obvious damper on activity on our server.  Nobody was going to spend any time working on upgrading trade skill stations or bother taking territory if it was all going to be gone once the counter was done.  That meant a continual stream of server messages about various things being downgraded due to lack of effort put in to maintain them.

It took a while before our destination was announced.

We got our destination the day before the merger

There was a FAQ available, for those who could find it, the indicated that the target server that your server was getting merged into would retain all of its territorial control and you would just be a new player injected into that situation.

On the plus side, the merger seemed to go smoothly.  Amazon seems to have planned well enough for this and worked out whatever kinks there were in the system with the first couple of test merger.  When I logged in that afternoon my characters were on their new servers.

Stan is now on Lintukoto

There was also a brief reminder as to what the merge meant to people.  You kept your stuff and your company, but lost territory and didn’t get any refund on fees for listings in progress.

The merger impacts explained

Logging in for the first time though, we were clearly strangers in our old home of Windsward.  The Covenant owned the center of the map, including Windsward, while the Marauders owned the west coast, while our Syndicate faction had just the three high level areas on the east coast.

The before and after maps for us

That meant higher taxes, higher travel fees, and fewer freebies for us.  But at least the Covenant held Windsward had upgraded trade skill stations.  After watching everything drain out on Parima over the last week, it was nice to have access to better facilities.  And the town was very crowded, like Windsward was back in the early days of New World, thick with players.  So mission accomplished on that front.

And the Syndicate wasn’t taking this situation lying down.  Within hours of the merge the syndicate players had formed up and were focusing on taking Windsward, so it might be our town again.  Syndicate groups were out hunting the other faction and assailing the Windsward fort.

Unfortunately, hovering around level 30 as we were, there didn’t seem to be much we could do to help the cause.  As I understand it, only PvP faction quests help undermine the ownership of a town, and that seemed like an invite to get ganked constantly by level 60 players.

So, for now, we’ll just have to get used to Windsward being under new management.

The banner of Bunny Co is no longer a familiar site

The hardest thing for the moment is just remembering the name of the new server.  I had barely memorized the old one.  Otherwise, things seem to be working as advertised.