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New World and the Winter Convergence

With the holiday season on us every MMORPG worth its salt has some sort of event running that picks up some of the Christmas holiday traditions while steering away from being overtly religious.  Everybody loves presents and decorations, nobody wants to go to midnight mass or be the human sacrifice at the winter solstice ritual.

New World is no different, so they had their own event, the Winter Convergence Festival.

The totally not Christmas holiday event

I can be indifferent at times to in-game holiday events.  Mood, rewards, and effort required all play into the mix, and I wasn’t sure I was going to bother when I first noticed snow on the ground and special banners at the gate of every town.

Snow in an otherwise tropical setting

But there was a tree in town with presents under it, from which you could take one daily.  And since it handed me 100 coins as part of the deal, I was down with that part of it.  Some day I want to own a house, if only for the town storage upgrades you can get, and I have been mostly treading water with around 7,000 coins in my pocket.

Probably the oddest part of the event was the “lost presents” aspect.  As you ran around the world, lost presents were scattered along the roads, to be collected.

Who loses this many presents

As you collect them, the presents begin to add up in your inventory, and they have weight, so eventually you want to do something with them.  For that you have to head off to one of the Winter Villages, which are marked on the map.

Winter Village spotted

At the Winter Village you can convert presents into Winter Tokens, the currency of the event.  It is also there you meet the Winter Wanderer, the abominable snowman role model and faction leader of the event.

He’s a big boy, though no word on whether he bounces or not

I say faction leader because, like your normal faction leader, he has a quest or three for you and is also the vendor at which you can spend you Winter Tokens.  Oh, and you have to gain status with him just like you normal faction as well, which you can do by running down his quests, collecting your present at the big pile in every town, and picking up lost presents.

Just like your faction there are a series of ranks to earn

The first rank gets you some food options, while the other ranks, which you must earn, get you gear for levels 15, 30, 45, and 60

There is gear you can buy with your Winter Tokens, and some furniture as well, though the gear was what was most attractive to me.  Though, even on the gear front there were only a few pieces worth claiming.

For my one and only character… I still want an alt on my server… the kite shield seemed like a decent upgrade, and the musket was good too, though that was mostly because I don’t use the musket very often.

All of the other gear was not very well oriented towards being a tank, which calls for maximum constitution.

So I wasn’t really excited about the whole thing, but I figured I would earn my way into the level 30 gear and maybe the level 45 gear if I was feeling ambitious.  And then somehow I managed to get myself all the way to Holiday Regent and the level 60 gear and the pile of recipes that are also at that level.

Made it all the way

I guess if I made it to the maximum faction rank I can’t really claim I was indifferent to the whole thing, though I will once again say that handing me 100 coins for grabbing a present from various town trees daily was a strong motivator.

Probably the most annoying aspect of the whole thing, aside from picking up presents by the side of the road, was the need to go all the way to the Winter Village to figure out where you stood on the climb through the ranks.  But that seems pretty typical of the New World UI.

And, even at Holiday Regent rank, I still keep going to the tree in town… because 100 coins.

There is money under the tree for me

That was my MMO holiday event for the season really.  I have socked away the high level gear I bought in Monarch’s Bluff to retrieve once I level up… if I even remember where I have left them.