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World of Tanks reminds me I am bad at World of Tanks

Also, I didn’t exactly play a lot of World of Tanks in 2021.

World of Tanks

Wargaming.net sent me a link to a video that summarized my activity in the game in 2021.  As I noted last week in my 2021 summary post, I only played the last two months of the year (and really mostly in November) and the time spent with the title summed up to less than 1% of my recorded play time.  So it wasn’t a huge surprise to find that I only played 86 matches in 2021.

Battles and victories

That victory rate seems a bit high though, because there were nights when I would go four or five matches in a row without being on the winning side.  But as the number of matches grow, the tendency is to move towards the middle.  My lifetime win rate is close to 49%.

My lifetime stats

I honestly don’t remember the match where I destroyed nine other tanks, but that was a long time ago.

And even when I lose I do have the occasional glorious defeat.

Medals awarded posthumously

The video did confirm what I had said previously about my choice of vehicles.  The KV-1, the Soviet Valentine II, and the Soviet Churchill III were my top three rides. (Also, one two three!)

A one, a two, a three…

Those three account for 56 of my 86 battles.  Later on Potshot and I started playing with the Italian tank tree because it was new (to us) and some place to start where we had parity.  I expect that the Fiat 3000, the first tank in the Italian tree, would be in fourth place.

And then there is my nemesis, which is also the KV-1.

Who killed me most

It is kind of the big boy in the tier V battles, which is where the Churchill sits and where the Valentine tends to find itself.  I have found myself awkwardly head to head against a KV-1 in a Churchill a few times, and it isn’t a story that ends well most days unless I can back up and find cover.

My most destroyed vehicles are kind of random units that the Valentine runs into out in front of the pack.

Things I blew up the most

But out of a total of 28 kills it is hard to see a pattern.  I bet 4th place is also something I destroyed 2 times.  Also, 2 of my kills were from ramming… and I am pretty sure one of those M8A1s was on that list.

If I play some in 2022 and they do the same thing next year, I can see if I improve at all I suppose.  Otherwise, I think we’re finally closing in on the end of 2021 recap posts, unless some other game has a summary for me I have yet to see.