The Army of Mango Alliance Attempts a Self Destruct to Flee Fraternity

World War Bee has been in the past for months now, but that doesn’t mean null sec space is quiet.  Nobody is assaulting Delve at the moment, but there are still many stories unfolding in the space noir epic that is the wilds of null sec as we settle into the post war reality.  Brave has been trying to establish a home, TEST has been falling apart in Outer Passage, and for some reason we’re fighting with Triumvirate in Cloud Ring.

It has all been relatively low key, at least when compared to the war, and out away from Delve, which means I haven’t seen much of it in person.

And then this past weekend The Army of Mango Alliance got caught trying to reverse merge themselves into the Imperium and… well… I’ve read the reporting over at the New Eden Post and have heard The Mittani try to explain it twice, once on the Meta Show and once at our weekly fireside and I am not sure I understand how the plan was supposed to work or who exactly they thought it was going to fool.

But let me reel that back in for a minute to set up the situation.  One of the post war events that had comes to pass recently was a war breaking out between Fraternity and Army of Mango.

This was not a huge surprise to anybody paying attention… or even people like me who were simply not asleep that day in class.

Faternity and Army of Mango are, along with a few other corps and alliances, part of the great exodus from Serenity, the mainland Chinese EVE Online server, which occurred when one group, the Pan-Intergalactic Business Community, won the game by becoming the single unassailable dominate power in null sec.  The influence map was them and those who paid tribute to them.

Some of life on the Serenity server was covered by the Rooks & Kings videos Message in a Bottle and First Light on the Fifth Day, the latter covering a final battle in wormhole space.  But the end of the war led many to exit the server… though, as I understand it, the Chinese company that had been running it at the time wasn’t helping much.

And many pilots who liked the game on Serenity came here, where there was not a single dominant power.  (So, among other things, the player count on Tranquility was boosted by players from Serenity.)

Those players brought with them the grudges from Serenity and can generally be sorted out into the winners and losers camp if you know who is who.  Fraternity and Army of Mango have generally been the two groups most at odds, and while they managed to cooperate during World War Bee, joining the PAPI coalition against the Imperium, things have been tense and some wondered if they might start fighting each other there on the front lines.

But at week seventeen of the war Army of Mango stepped back from the front lines to assume stewardship of the Legacy Coalition’s backfield, trying to tamp down the then incipient harassment as The Bastion rolled into Esoteria to take a few systems and be an annoyance.

When PAPI gave up the invasion and turned for home, Army of Mango managed to scoop up much of the territory TEST left behind as Vily and PGL sought shelter as far away from angry Goons as they could.  There AOM began to form a new coalition with some remnants of Legacy, bringing back the Pan-Intergalactic Business Community name from the Serenity server, which was pretty much the same as waving a red flag and shouting “come get me” at Fraternity.

Once alliances were settled and rested, Fraternity went straight for Army of Mango and, though they were rebuffed on their first assault, the writing seemed to be on the wall that Frat was going to win over time.

Army of Mango decided they needed an out and sought to sneak into the Imperium.  They transferred some structures, including their main staging Keepstar, to GSF and told their members that they were going to disband the alliance and fold themselves into Ranger Regiment, another of the Chinese diaspora groups from the Serenity server.

Ranger Regiment, which joined the Imperium as a candidate member back in February of 2020 when they were driven out of their space by Fraternity, was already in a bad odor in the Imperium for low participation in the war.  To hear the leadership of Army of Mango go on about it to their members, it seems that Ranger Regiment was at least aligned with, and possibly being run by, Army of Mango.  Kind of a bit of interesting post war news.

So the plan, as explained by the leadership of Army of Mango, was to ditch their alliance and move their existing structure, including their leadership, into Ranger Regiment, taking over the alliance and carrying on from there, safe from Fraternity.  How very sneaky.

Unfortunately for Army of Mango, the leadership of the Imperium did not just fall off the back of a turnip truck, so this did not go unnoticed as the structure transfers were noticed and spies reported back with with what was going on and, soon enough, full translations of what was said.

Pancake Wolf got a medal for work on intel

Once the attention of the Imperium was focused on what was happening, updates began flowing back in near real time as Army of Mango tried to carry on, then found themselves in a bind as the Imperium wasn’t having it.  We were not going to be a patsy for Army of Mango or allow ourselves to be dragged into the middle of their war with Fraternity.

The Imperium honored a short period that had been negotiated to allow Army of Mango line members to evacuate from their staging, and then the hammer fell, zapping the clones left in the Keepstar.

3,277 clones about to be destroyed

(image courtesy of The Mittani, who pressed the “yes” button.)

Meanwhile, Ranger Regiment is being kicked from the Imperium for their part in this.  They were already in trouble, but being involved in this scheme was too much.  This has led to a scramble for homes for a large number of players from both alliances.

Army of Mango down 3,800 and counting

Dracarys, another Chinese alliance in the Imperium, has picked up quite a few new members due to this shift.  They put in a strong performance in World War Bee and hold some former Legacy Coalition space in Catch along with connecting space in Querious.  However, the word is that groups coming into the Imperium must be vetted thoroughly and nobody in the Army of Mango or Ranger Regiment leadership team is welcome.

So there looks to be a shake up coming on who owns what in the south end of null sec as it does not seem like Army of Mango and Ranger Regiment are going to be able to hold onto that space.

South null sec – Jan 10, 2022

Ranger Regiment is set to disband and Army of Mango, which now has no place to land so has to carry on existing, is planning to head to low sec space for now.  The Pan-Intergalactic Business Community coalition has effectively been destroyed. Fraternity wins this round.

This has also led to what is set to be a major null sec event.

The Imperium pulled the fuel from the Keepstar in R-ARKN so it will go into an abandoned state and will be blowing it up this coming weekend.  Unlike an normal Keepstar destruction in null sec, this will lead to everything left in people’s hangars being ejected into space when the structure blows up.

This could turn out to be the ultimate New Eden loot pinata.  Every player’s stuff gets launched into space in a station hangar and people will be rummaging through them looking for ships and modules and anything of value.

I’ve seen something like this before in wormhole space when we got to go along with The Initiative to blow up a couple Hard Knocks Keepstars back in 2018.  There, in the J115405 wormhole, sometimes known as Rage, we first blew up Fort Knocks.

The loot ball with markers on

Then we blew up Unassailable Wealth.

The Initiative showing off with their logo in spaceships

That was a huge amount of loot on the field, and it was a crazy time.

I suspect that the Keepstar in R-ARKN will throw a few times as many station containers into space when it blows.  It seems likely that the server will just crash when it happens.  But if the server holds, we’ll be out there scooping loot for a long time.  Imperium leadership is already planning out how to deal with it.

Of course, other groups might want some of that loot as well, so the whole thing could simply devolve into an ongoing slap fight over who gets what.

I wonder if CCP should contact Guinness Book for this.  Is there a world record category for most loot on the field in a video game?



7 thoughts on “The Army of Mango Alliance Attempts a Self Destruct to Flee Fraternity

  1. Mailvaltar

    Kinda funny, as we (NC., one of PAPI’s most active alliances during WWB) were under the strong impression that Fraternity weren’t pulling their weight most of the time either…

    I guess I need to watch those Rooks & Kings videos again, because right now I’m wondering if any of those players that came over from Serenity do actually like fighting. Ok, some obviously do, like you said, but still…


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Mailvaltar – I mentioned four alliances made up of players from Serenity in this post, and three of them didn’t seem very committed to the war. My weekly updates, and some of the MER posts during the war, note that Frat was spending a lot more time back at home ratting and mining.

    But they have their own grudges, and those they seem more invested in.


  3. Alexander Wong

    On one hand, it seems pretty underhanded for the Ranger Regiment to drag the Imperium into yet another war without authorization from higher ups. On the other hand, I think this might have been a good chance for you guys to retake The Vale of the Silent. That region has been very lucrative. Assaulting it right after the war probably isn’t going to go well, but if Mango already has Azbels anchored there and transferred it to you, that would provide a good staging point. I could be wrong about that though and maybe joining their war means you’d have to set up Control Towers if the ADM restrictions you guys used to defend applies here too. I think you should have taken them on their offer, but start with “hey, we’re know what you’re doing, and you remember we’re in charge. And since this was your idea, we expect you to pull your weight” If you guys are on good terms with Snuffed Out and can safely move stuff the gates in Genesis, Solitude, and Lonetreck, this would be a chance not just to strike back at one the former PAPI blocks (not that big of a deal since you kind of already won and made your point) but retake your old grounds. In short, getting dragged into a war doesn’t sound great, but I think you’d win in 1/7 the time it took you to win the previous one since with Mago’s stuff to use as staging a lot of the defender’s advantages are gone and the prize is should be worth it, at least to older members who once roamed there.

    I would imagine that you’d have lots of older pilots willing to login for an offensive war if the region being targeted was The Vale of the Silent and someone already in the Vale offered to reserve-merge int the Imperium. Or maybe I’m totally wrong and the older players who were there don’t think “having Delve and our old Vale is great” and they are just fine. I know some pilots in my alliance who used to be part of the Imperium and were bitter when their CEO sided with the alliance leader over the Imperium when it betrayed (when your alliance betrays someone you shouldn’t expect your CEO to unbetray your corp from the alliance back to the Imperium), I can group them into 3 “cliques” because each group appears to have met each other offline within a clique but don’t have much in common with the other two at the time of the Casino War but all 3 were bitter at losing access to the area. Each clique and some which joined Snuffed, some which joined a corp which later joined my alliance, and some which went to the Bastion. All 31 who joined my alliance were pissed at that time and so were the ones who joined the Bastion, so I’m surprised oyu don’t have more pilots who want the Vale of the Silent back. One of them was pissed enough at the defection that after moving 3 expensive clones, he used his corp role to transfer 35 dreads to himself and tried to fly it to low sec… by taking gates.

    The funny thing is some of this has carried into anti-Fraternity feelings in general for the 31 of those angry pilots who eventually ended up in a corp that joined my alliance. My alliance has no intention of leaving low sec to return to null not even the corp that was once in the Vale of the Silent after the Casino War before Fraternity pushed them out. These guys normally are only on one a week except for 3 large activity spikes like the December spike, but sometimes they are on for bursts to defend some of our stuff. And at least 3 times they were on activity bursts to participate when we joined a war against Fraternity as an ally to the defender. In fact one of those times, they actually bribed 3 CEOs of our alliance to badger the alliance to join the defenders (and after the war ended, the CEOs mentioned the bribes but said they were providing content for their line members… and didn’t get kicked out of the alliance because the other CEOs liked the war!). I’m not sure we contributed much though. We had those 31, maybe an extra 10 people who regularly logged in to contribute. Then maybe another 15 who contributed on and off but flew doctrine. And everyone else only did solo PVP in low sec and would show up to help defend the defender’s war targets only when they were allowed to bring a kitchen sink fleet. So we joined as an ally to the defenders, but 75% of the pilots who contributed only does solo PVP and refuses to fly doctrine ships (the alliance higher ups try to be strict, but we’re kind of loose much to their annoyance), so 75% of the fleet is a bunch of mish mash with different optimal ranges.I’ve noted in our own fights, the higher ups can only get large numbers of people to stop starting duels in low sec, scanning down ratters in low sec, or suspect hunting in low sec is if they say that while a doctrine fit is preferred, the fleet as a whole is kitchen sink. This third war I was a part of since I joined my corp at that time. From what I can tell, I’m not sure we contributed much. Is 50 good pilots and 155 kitchen sink pilots much help? I joked all we did was feed the enemy with kills and made the attackers pay for more weeks of the war. I’ve started to get my own grudge against Fraternity, so even in hindsight I support the war hawks desire to help the defenders, but I still don’t know if having a bunch of guys rush in and get blown up (plus a few people who die to gate camps now and then) actually helps. It also added an extra 3 hours after a lot of our fights since we controlled the grid and the CEOs demanded that we check zKillboard to make sure that the people with unique fits get their modules recovered whenever we controlled the grid at the end by killing or scaring them away from the MTUs instead of the defenders of the war taking all of it. Those 31 guys are still asking their CEO (they joined the same corp) to help the Imperium the next time Fraternity and the Imperium open hostilities and unlike World War Bee two where we did nothing other than a rule of not engaging Imperial ships without the safeties on green (we have no agreement with the Imperium, just that the higher ups don’t want to make certain greys become mad and set us to red) I think if you guys started a war, I think we might join and I might ended up flying on grid with you to help. Of course Prophecy optimized for 1 vs 1 PVP probably isn’t going to help so I’d probably be deadweight too and oyu’d probably see me just blow up. But hey fun/hour is more important than ISK/hour.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Alexander Wong – I am not sure invading Vale of the Silent is all that attractive of an option right now. Its main draw as a region has been its proximity to high sec and Jita, though Tribute is even closer. But I recall it being a bit of an awkward region to move across. Like Fountain, it has some gaps that make moving caps annoying.

    And if the Imperium tried to invade Fraternity there, they have PanFam as neighbors and FI.RE not too far away and it would just be another “PAPI Assemble!” moment as they would all join back up to fight us. Instead we might already have a SIG parked close by ready to drop on their ratters and miners when the opportunity arises.


  5. Alexander Wong

    Hey you would know better than I would if it was a good idea or not, I was just kind of surprised the sentiment of those 100 guys who bailed on their CEO for a corp that joined me, Snuffed, and Bastion weren’t representative of the old guard. Maybe they were the only ones that felt that way. But I did feel, man if they felt this way the old guard of the Imperium must have felt this way too.

    Or maybe it makes sense they think differently that Goonswarm members. They seemed somewhat detached from reality (or perhaps detached from the state of the game). All of them think their CEO was a traitor and believe their corp could have stopped the bleeding in the Casino War if they just had 3 weeks to regroup. The defection of a single corp from their alliance to a non-alliance corp that is blue to the Imperium isn’t going to help when none of them can fly supercarriers and most can’t fly any capital other than dreads. They seemed to forget that the Imperium was being beaten by a bunch of low sec groups, which includes Snuffed Out before the casinos got involved, so while the Money Badger Coalition involved lots of well funded guys, it was already overkill since you guys were already losing. Most members of the Imperium at that time knew they bit off more than they could chew when you guys managed to piss of Snuffed Out and nearly every low sec corp nearby. Funny enough while TEST loves to take credit for that war and a lot of people seem to agree with them, but Imperials know not to messed with Snuffed Out. Seems like PAPI believed their own propaganda, I think one of my earlier comments I mentioned
    a battle in Mito and linked an article in INN. But these ex- CO2 guys think their corp could have stopped the bleeding… so there is a bit of detachment from the stae of the game there.

    Another sign of their detachment from reality, or the state of the EVE online, is that they consider their CEO a traitor, but don’t consider themselves traitors. Now anyone can leave their corp at any time and the higher ups changing their minds about diplomacy is something that could turn people off, so I don’t consider themselves removing themselves from the corp being traitors. But look at the timeline.

    Their old CEO considered himself more friends of The Bastion than a member of the Imperium and everyone, including Imperial diplomats, knew his loyalty pre-Casino War were to The Bastion and his rank and file and other Imperials were just buddies of the Bastion, so it came as a package. During the war, some of the CEOs felt abandoned during the retreat and thisCEO announced to several people within the corp that he had orders from the alliance to pull out of the Imperium and not give them enough time to reposition in 170 hours. His asked most of the rank and file, except a few suspected spies what options he was considering. His first choice was just follow orders, he’s a cog in the machine. The next option was to try to persuade the higher ups to leave the Imperium but give them more time so that zKillboard looks better since other alliances did give up but give a heads up and default to option 1 if this failed. The third option was to leave the alliance and fight for the Vale and stop the bleeding for the Imperium. Plan B of option 3 if the Vale was lost was to abandon null sec for awhile, go to low sec attempt to help the Imperium without risking their mid-grade slavers (oh, sometimes these boneheads used expensive implants in combat interceptors, HACs, battleships, and dreads in null) while thinking about long term plans or either rejoining the Imperium or just sticking in low sec. Everyone I mentioned in those three cliques who later became bitter at the loss of the Vale of the Silent, except one, all voiced their preference for option 2 or 3. All 31 who later joined my alliance chose 3. But the 30 best pilots of the crop who could be relied upon to wake up 3 AM for an armor timer all said they would follow the CEO no matter what he chose. And most of the crop said they’d go with their CEO no matter what. In terms of popularity, 75% chose to go with the CEO, the second most common choose was option 2, the third most common choice was option 1, and option 3 was dead last. So with 3/4 of the corp deciding they’d do whatever their CEO choose to do, he went with 1.

    An hour after the meeting, the to-be-defectors started sending lies to line members in the Bastion saying “oh our corp is suffering a morale loss, we might go to low sec and focus on mining and missions for a few months. This might happen in 7 days, but we might change our decision. We’re not leaving you guys, we just need something other than fights, so in 7 days expect that we might all just take a temporary break” while attempting to convince the CEO to go with option 3 (since after the meeting, it was too late for option 2). If things went according to their hopes, no one in the Imperium would know their CEO ever considered following his alliance out of the Imperium. Anyone who listened might know there might be more loss of pilots but didn’t know there was a defection coming.

    The one who objected to the alliance orders who stayed silent during the meeting had corp roles. He convinced people to put into a single station for the corp 200K M3 of compressed Hedbergite, a bunch of Orcas, some blindy damage controls, a lot the 2nd best moon stuff (whatever that means… maybe he meant Pollucite? But this was before the moon change IIRC), and 3/4 of the corp’s dreads. When the defection from the Imperium happened, he took all of it for himself and asked the 100 or so odd people to help him move it to low sec so he can join a low sec corp with a bunch of goodies.

    Once the Imperium lost all their sovereignty, he joined Snuffed Out, but kept his theft a secret, just occasionally saying “hey I can fly a blingy version of our dread today and can give a few out, don’t worry it’s on me and I’ll accept the loss”

    So these 100 odd people in those 3 cliques consider their old CEO a traitor but themselves not. What their CEO did was follow alliance orders after holding a meeting with hundreds of line members who seemed content to follow what the higher ups wanted. He was open to almost the entire corp, not just the officers but the rank and file. What these guys did was not open, they didn’t just voice their dissent and leave their crop. They stole corp assets and moved them when their CEO didn’t do what they wanted. It’s EVE and that thing happens and I very much they’ll do it to their current corp, so I don’t hold it against them, but how can their CEO be a traitor if they weren’t?

    The logic of the clique being loyal to the Imperium and not their CEO, which woudl not make them traitors, but just having different loyalties than to their CEO, doesn’t work. They never claimed this, saying they were loyal to their corp until their CEO turned traitor, but they never said they were die hard Imperials at that point in time (I mean the ones who joined the Bastion are now, but they privately admit that wasn’t what they were thinking that year). Their actions weren’t pro-Imperial at this time either. Instead of warning of the defection, they told other Imperials that their corp might just go to low sec to avoid fighting, so don’t trust their corp to provide muscle after 7 days. I don’t know if that lie was useless or any better than saying nothing. Instead of moving assets to you guys, one of them took it for himself and joined Snuffed Out, which was hostile to you guys at that time.

    Another funny point was 7 days before Ranger Regiment was exposed, the 31 war hawks within my alliance and one of the guys from Snuffed Out had a meeting with some of our CEOs, We were told a war might break out between the Imperium and Fraternity. The guy from Snuffed Out would give us 3 Keepstars, 4 Azbels, 3 Athanors, 3 Fortizairs, ships, and a bunch of control towers to anchor. Our job was to keep Imperial caps safe in low sec. Someone asked if we had the backing of Snuffed Out. Sometimes they ganked us, sometimes we killed them, sometimes a third party hires us and is blue to them so we are temporarily with them. We didn’t yet, those were his personal assets he appropriated from his old corp like BPCs and the materials to make things. Snuffed was aware of the reverse merger but didn’t know if a war was going to happen and didn’t know if they wanted to be a bystander or a participant, so we had no idea if we’d get their backing or not. I asked if the Imperials knew. They said they were in contact with Ranger Regiment and Ranger was trying to think of a way to convince their higher ups in the Imperium that this was not treason but an opportunity. Once they figure out how to explain this, we’d get further information. Any further details are above the paygrade of people outside Ranger, so we didn’t need to know.

    I laughed figuring we were all preparing for a war we had no hope of winning without backers and we were preparing with no knowledge if either backer we needed actually wanted the war. The alliance can summon hundreds of pilots to save a blue dread or an armor timer, but if the last war our alliance had in high sec was any indication 75% of it would be kitchen sink fleet with different optimal ranges and we’d be feeding. Those 31 war hawks were clearly detached from reality, or perhaps I should say game state, but it was funny and I was willing to get blown up if it would be entertaining. Also even the doctrine ships would not be useful since a Munin doctrine isn’t even compatible with yours.

    I figured one of two things would happen. Either the Imperium was motivated enough, and they’d come up with a less bone-headed way to move their caps (for Pete’s sake, 3 keepstars and then using POSes when you ran out of Keepstars because one guy is giving them out instead of having the backing of his corp is stupid) or they’d turn it down and we’d just stand down and not get free citadels. Also our alliance was only willing to fight 30 maybe 35 large objective battles (like structure bashing, defending a structure, or rescuing a capital) before going to the sidelines if we didn’t get support from both the Imperium and Snuffed Out since that was a combo we thought would be cool enough to find with that we’d stick it all the way to the end.

    Clearly, it was the second one.

    Sorry, is this not interesting to you? I just thought this was a kind of funny story. The war hawks started from 3 cliques that didn’t interact that much with each other until their old CEO followed orders to betray the Imperium and I thought many of the older players would share their sentiment of missing the Vale of the Silent, but in hindsight the fact that they seem detached should have been a sign they might not have been representatives.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Alexander Wong – The Casino War was almost seven years ago at this point, and the Imperium now is much different from the loose confederation of groups that made up the Imperium back then. You can see it in how the wars played out.

    Back in 2016 alliances and corps fled the coalition when things looked bad. The core that remained moved to Delve. In 2020, when the new war hit, the Imperium didn’t break up, it actually gained some members because it was a very different organization than it was in 2016.

    Somebody from The Bastion of the Casino War era… and at the time The Bastion was mostly a holding alliance that had been formed to gather up corps from Gentleman’s Agreement and a couple other groups that had lost critical mass to be stand alone alliances… would no doubt have a different view as to what the Imperium might do compared to somebody inside right now.

    And, as I noted before, Vale of the Silent is just space, and not the best space at that. A lot of the Imperium never even lived there, so nostalgia for it isn’t all that huge, and walking into a PAPI trap seems like a bad idea. Meanwhile, AOM were part of PAPI, so we’re not keen to be their pals. Their leadership gets no favors.

    Basically, from an Imperium perspective, there was a lot of downside and almost no upside to letting AOM have their way and drag us into a war.


  7. Alexander Wong

    I know it’s been years.

    From my perspective, I didn’t really have much to draw on from the Imperial perspective. I’ve been watching your adventures (good job by the way). Also you seem to have a well grounded perspective which in hindsight I realize the warhawks don’t.

    I did know some ex-Imperials within my alliance, so even though they never claimed to represent the views of the current ones, I took the tacit assumption that unless someone mor updated said otherwise, their views represented the old guard of the Imperium. It’s not like I had anyone else to ask for a long time.

    I mean between you and them, I obviously believe you know what’s going on better. So if those guys are nostalgic about the Vale and to your friends it’s just space with no nostalgia, then to the Imperium it’s just space, nice if you have it, but not worth the risk of the Northern coalition rejoining to remake PAPI. I made the first comment when I thought you guys had some sentiment attached to it, so it would be a great opportunity for a costly war that would make oyu feel good. I think you’d still win even though you went through one already. Now that I know it’s just space for you guys, I can see that it isn’t really worth the trouble. The guys in my alliance haven’t been part of the Imperium for years.

    Well, not quite. Last night I checked and found they joined Karmafleet for a stint. When the war was inevtiable, they said their old friends needed high SP pilots so they would be temporarily leaving. After World War Bee 2 started, they left my group (and some of the ones from Snuffed too) to join you guys until FWST-8. which they participated in. 22 days later, most of them came back to low sec and rejoined us declaring that that battle solidified Imperial morale and the War would be over in 3 months tops. Battles would be fought, but they considered the tide turned. Their friends in the Bastion encouraged them to stay but they came back to us. I wasn’t active until they rejoined so I didn’t know they were part of the Imperium for awhile. They didn’t seem to integrate into the Imperium’s social channels and mostly talked with their old friends. So while the war hawks were Imperials for a short stint recently, their thoughts of the Imperium are basically a years old version since they didn’t talk much during their short rejoin. So you can mentally pretend they haven’t been with you guys for 7 years at least in the social sense.

    Oh the Army of Mangos is reaching my alliance too in the last few days, although nothing from the Rangers. Recruitment used to be corp business, but now the alliance leader tired to control it. A message to all CEOs to reject all Chinese players until April was sent. This was ignored. He declared anyone who ignored him might have repercussions. This was ignored. He then said Chinese players were allowed, but a three week moratorium on Army of Mago recruits were placed. This was ignored. He then said that instead of each corp vetting like normal, he wanted his selected guys to vet each recruit. This was ignored. He said all the new recruits must give 1 Ice harvesting Retriever, 31 doctrine Munins and 1/3000 of an Orca (whatever that means) to their corp when joining. All new recruits had to participate in the next 31 times he made a ping for an armor timer from 0730 to 1100 EVE time or 1900 to 2000 EVE time must show up or be kicked if they missed one of those pings. All supers that are owned must be given to their corp. Anyone who is on comms who can’t understand English are to be kicked and refunded their contribution, if that contribution isn’t already blown up. All members must be told that they are in a low sec group and we have no intention of going to null and that they are subordinate to their new corps. The CEOs accepted these conditions. The third condition was wishful thinking since we only got line members, no leadership with supers.

    You might think some people don’t respect the alliance since they ignored the recruitment orders, sometimes talk to people like the Ranger Regiment and let higherups know afterward, and that our fleet shows up 1/4 doctrine and 3/4 kichen sink, but we do follow some orders, whenever he makes agreements and set someone blue, we don’t shoot blues. In fact we did a job for you in the war I’m told and set a few of your guys blue for the job, although having that been before I joined, I have no idea how it went or if they were right that we got paid to help a fight you’d have won even if went AFK.

    As for the warhawks, I thought they’d want every AOM recruit. They… couldn’t care less anymore. I don’t get why they were so intent on their dumb plan and then suddenly don’t care, not even more than mildly disappointed it fell through.

    The guys in my alliance who used to be Imperials don’t know what they are talking about when they thought that if their corp left their alliance the recently fallen Vale could be retaken. There was just not enough time to reorganize. I didn’t name the CEO since if I did some people might guess who those warhawks within my ranks were, but I wonder if their corp ignored their alliance if you would have made a post about them when they betrayed their higher ups. You might have mentioned how their CEO tricked the alliance into putting 1/8 of their dreads plus some supers into his corp’s stuff for reorganization purposes (it actually was reorganization since he didn’t betray the alliance, but if he left it would have looked like a theft) or maybe the story of the supers would be forgotten how you guys fought to help extract some guys in the corp who didn’t want to go along with their alliance, being blocked by three gates between their stating and the Imperial lines since their former alliance would cut them off. Rather than just saying “the CEO” like I am you might have named him since you’d know who he was, would you have mentioned how he considered himself more of an indy leader than a cog in his machine? A lone corp wouldn’t change the outcome of that fight, but it would make for a good story.

    I’m glad you gave me your perspective on the current Imperium. I mean you already were during thew war, but this is less “what’s going on” stuff and more. I appreciate you took the time to explain and hope to see more of your adventures.


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