EverQuest is Getting its Community Resource Council Up and Running

The EverQuest Community Resource Council was mentioned in the roadmap that Daybreak put out for the title on Wednesday, and they have since wasted no time moving ahead on some of the early items.

EverQuest, the classic

Yesterday the EverQuest team posted a news item pointing towards a description of the council and a FAQ.

The council is described as:

The Community Resource Council is a program designed to give players and members of the development team a confidential space to discuss upcoming design decisions with the benefit of a non-disclosure agreement. This allows members of the development team to be able to discuss topics that are still in development and not yet ready for public scrutiny, with an audience of players, providing a degree of player feedback to assist in the making of development decisions. The Community Resource Council also assists members of the development team with research and provides a player perspective on topics where and when it is needed.

That seems pretty much par for the course for such player advisory groups.  A non-disclosure agreement is required and, in return for signing it, players on the council will get previews of plans and ideas that the company is working on.

What isn’t clear is how exactly one becomes a member of the council.  The post refers to an application process, set to commence on the 28th of this month, but there isn’t much beyond that.  The FAQ linked above has a rather circular question and answer for that process.

Q: How do I become a member of the CRC program?

A: Twice yearly we will review the current membership of the CRC program and see if there are any positions that need to be filled, or members who are not active enough in the program to contribute. During this period, we will reopen the application page to field and vet potential new members.

So every six months they will review the current membership, but how they pick members seems to be more than a bit opaque.

There are eligibility standards to which one must adhere in order to become a member.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for becoming/being a member of the CRC program?

A: In order to be eligible for membership in the CRC program, players must have an active account* in good standing and must have a relatively clean forum history free of any significant incidents. Both your in-game history and forum history will be reviewed prior to potential acceptance into the program, as it is important that members have a history of positive contribution before being accepted. Substantial infractions in-game or on the forums may cause existing members of the CRC to lose membership privileges.

*Certain members who have a long history of positive contribution and who still actively contribute to the program may, on rare occasion, be retained as “advisors” to the program if their accounts lapse. Such cases are handled on an individual basis.

But, again, the “how” part of the deal seems to be missing.  I suppose we will have to wait and see what they say on the 28th.

Unlike the WoW Community Council, membership in the EverQuest Community Resource Council will not be disclosed by the company in order to maintain their privacy.  Individual members can out themselves, but the company will neither confirm nor deny membership.

Serving on the council also comes with no compensation, such as a free subscription or expansions.  Members are more likely to be picked for beta access to updates, but that is not a guaranteed perk of the position.

So, unlike the WoW Community Council or EVE Online’s Council of Stellar Management, this will be a low key affair, run out of the public eye, and not used for any promotional purposes.  But, as I have noted, the company has had such councils before and they have generally been low key affairs, so this seems in line with the history of the game.

2 thoughts on “EverQuest is Getting its Community Resource Council Up and Running

  1. bhagpuss

    The first question in the thread is “I’d like to know where I can throw my name into the hat.” and the answer is ” the application platform will open on Friday, January 28, 2022″ so yep, gotta wait until then. The thread itself, after more than 24 hours, is only a handful of posts long, most of which are either people making “jokes” or arguing against the process.

    I hope, if Darkpaw want to be serious about this, they put the application or a link to it into the already-extant in-game polling process, so every player gets to hear about it when they log in. If they use the forums it will just be the usual suspects who apply (although it probably will be anyway).

    I did read the FAQ and thought about applying myself. I like the privacy options and the way they stress it’s entirely voluntary and no pressure will be applied to make sure people contribute a defined amount of feedback. If I were to be chosen, though, I’d feel honor-bound to put in a decent amount of effort and I really don’t play enough EQ to want to spend that much time on it. Also, while I think the NDA is essential to the process, it would be just too frustrating to know a bunch of stuff and not be able to blog about it. For that reason, if they do something similar for EQII, where I would like to stick my two-pennyworth in, I still wouldn’t want to do it.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – Heh, yeah, I saw the forum thread pop up and that as the first question even as I was writing this. It is in the announcement on the front page, but it is such an obvious question… easily the most frequently asked at this point… that I am surprised they didn’t at least address the “wait until the 28th” aspect in the FAQ.


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