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Searching for the Starstone Barrows in New World

Having had a successful Amrine Excavation run, played around with the Winter Convergence event (which ended today), and run around looking for crafting supplies, we had found ourselves up into the 30s in level.  That, in turn, made us think about what might be next on the dungeon agenda.

Welcome to a New World

Lacking any other hints… nobody knew where the next dungeon was or what we needed to do to get there really… we decided to do what we did previously and go back to the main story line quests.  That would surely get us there, upgrading our Staff of Azoth along the way.

And the main story line provided.  We ran thither and yon, fighting this and talking to various people all over the map.  And the Staff of Azoth we all carried did indeed get upgraded.

New and improved

Yonas, the focal point of the main quest line, kept sending us off on tasks, never mentioning the next expedition or anything, and eventually moved up to Fort Alazar in Brightwood.  We followed suit.  His new digs, named after himself I guess, had a nice view.

Pardon me while I wipe my feet on the map…

From there we were sent out on a series of quests to unify the three factions in the game in their efforts against the corruption overtaking the world.  That sent us off on a series of colorful adventures.

New World offers grittier, more realistic poop jokes than WoW

We carried on with that until we had arm wrestled with each faction, done a few tasks for them, and got them all around the table.  At that point, when we got back to Yonas, the quest reward was yet another upgrade to our Staff of Azoth.

Cool mint uncommon flavored tier III

Then the next quest on Yonas’ agenda involved us getting to level 40.

Get to level 40 and get back to me…

It was about here that we started to think that maybe we had missed our exit, that the turn off for the next dungeon, was somewhere in the rear view mirror at this point.

I mean, we were on our way towards 40.  Oswald and Ulalu had both hit 36 and I landed at 35 just before we were headed back to Yonas.

Hitting level 35 down in Cutlass Keys

But it was my understanding that the next dungeon should be available around level 35, and thus getting to level 40 seemed like a bit of overkill.

It was then time to tab out and get on Google to look up the situation.  And, sure enough, the very first search we did revealed that the next expedition was the Starstone Barrows and that it was indeed targeted for a group around level 35.

The dungeon itself was located down in the Everfall, so we headed down there.  The brief summary I saw said that William Heron, who is upstairs at the tavern in Everfall, will give you a quest that will start you on your way towards the Starstone Barrows.

After some searching around… because the tavern and the inn are two distinctly different things in Everfall… we did indeed find William Heron hanging about, mug of ale in hand, and not much else on his mind.

Bottom up Bill!

While he had a mug to hand and a jaunty feather in his hat, what he did not have was any sort of quest for us.  And this is where things get kind of vague.

We started using Google for search terms like, “quest chain for Starstone Barrows” and didn’t find much useful.  There were a few posts that described getting to the dungeon, but they tended to yadda yadda over the whole lead-in quest chain aspect of it.

There seemed to be a general opinion that you needed to do some quests in Everfall in order to get on the William Heron quest chain, but which quests specifically was left unstated… though judging from the tone of some of the posts, that was because the author didn’t actually know.

This ambiguity was not helped by the fact that each of us had done some quests in Everfall at past points, including one of the core intro quests, so it wasn’t as though we could all find the same quests available.

So we set out to do quests that we could find.  Mudstone and I seemed to be the furthest behind on Everfall quests, but they were all low level, so we were able to get through them fairly quickly, though it just burned through more Azot to travel around even more.

Eventually we got to a point where three out of four of us had a quest from William Heron.  It wasn’t the quest that was mentioned in our online searches, but at least it was a quest.

Unfortunately, Mudstone could not get the quest, and we were trying to figure out why.  The first theory was standing with Everfall, but Ulalu was the lowest standing-wise and she got the quest.

It seemed possible that Mudstone wasn’t high enough level, as he was only level 32, but then I looked at the quest and saw that it was level 17.

Ancient Contemplations indeed

So there was some more grabbing of quests in Everfall until Mudstone happened to hit on the right one.

And then we were in a whole string of quests which involved us visiting what seemed to be every freaking structure in the Everfall region, three at a time… who built all these towers and why did they both… until, at last we had Center for the Stars, which seemed to be the one that would get us into… the Amrine Excavation again.

It doesn’t say that, but I think we end up there…

But I was already expecting that.  That was one thing most of the sites seemed to agree about, that we would have to go run that one more time before we got out invite to the Starstone Barrows.  But at least, after three and a half play sessions, we seem to be on track.