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64-Bit EverQuest Arrives Successfully

The promised update from the 2022 roadmap came and went this week without much in the way of drama.  Yes, they announced the servers were up and then brought them back down minutes later.  But everything was up and running again well inside the 8 hour time frame the team announced.  EverQuest is now running as a 64-bit application on client and server.

EverQuest, the classic

That probably doesn’t really mean much today.  The game still loads up and patches today the same way it did last week… at least if I remember to run it as Administrator.

Which I forgot to do again

EverQuest certainly isn’t the first older title to make the jump to 64-bit, or even the first Daybreak title, since Lord of the Rings Online has already gone there.

And it probably doesn’t need the upgrade as badly as, say, EVE Online needed it.  Large battles were causing the EVE Online client to cross the 2GB memory access barrier of 32-bit and crashing clients.

But perhaps it is a prerequisite for the “new UI engine” that was at the “beyond 2022” end of January’s roadmap.

I do wish that the Norrath team would do an old school CCP-like dev blog about how the tech will help them.  I know that they need to go there in order to ensure that EverQuest (and later this year, EverQuest II) remain active and viable titles in a world where 64-bit operating systems are now the norm and support for 32-bit will eventually go away.  It will be a while.  It took going to 64-bit Windows 10 for Microsoft to finally end 16-bit support (RIP my original Civilization II disk), so it is best to get upgraded now rather than wait until the end is nigh.

Still, it has been quite a ride from 1999, when apps that required 8.3 file names were still around, to today when my phone probably has more computing power than my first dozen computers all combined.

EverQuest in 1999

I did actually roll up a fresh character, a dwarven berserker, on the Vox server, just to see if things were running okay.  I don’t know if I will play him very far… I have started many a new character over the years, and most of them end up lingering between levels 17 and 24… but it is my first character in the 64-bit era of EverQuest.

Anyway, with 64-bit comes new system requirements, which you can find posted on their site.