Carbot and Story in Lost Ark

I am not trying to become a Carbot Animations fan site, but then they put up another video in their Lost Ark series that hits things on the nose again and here comes another post about it.

Welcome to Lost Ark

I know Mailvaltar already posted this, but I just feel the need to stick it here as well because it covers both how I often play… hitting G to get through to the damn quest… as well as how the game itself plays at times.  I mentioned in my Friday post how we were running back and forth passing messages between NPCs that were standing within comfortable distance to make themselves fully understood by slightly raising their voices.

Which isn’t to say I am down on the game.  Not yet.  I still find the frenetic combat fun and I have played along with enough alts that the story is started to stick even though I keep bypassing so much dialog.

2 thoughts on “Carbot and Story in Lost Ark

  1. bhagpuss

    The thing I found most interesting about Mailvatar’s observation (and now your comments on it) is that the part of Lost Ark I actually like is exactly the simple, repetitive questing. The part I fairly strongly dislike is the combat. I played for over an hour the other night and went from level 32 to 34 pretty much without killing a thing. I think the only quests I had with combat in were either those time-limited ones that pop up when you enter a certain area or a couple that asked me to kill one easy mob. It was a really chilled, relaxing session. When the game is like that, I enjoy it. It’s when I have to go into an instance and actually use my combat abilities that I get bored. I just don’t find all the mass slaughter entertaining, no matter how easy or difficult it is. The quests, though, are quite good fun with nice little stories that reveal something about the land and the people who live there.

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  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – I am not going to say that the combat is the best thing ever, but most of the time it is light and breezy and hardly gets in the way of what you’re up to, until you get up to a boss, and even then it is a bit of dancing around to stay out of the red zone. And there is satisfaction to be had, for me at least, in getting off that big attack that takes down a whole crowd of mobs, which is usually the name of the game.

    I could certainly come up with combat in a few MMOs that is/was more annoying. WoW has gone through eras where some classes ended up being very slow in finishing off solo mobs, and I have never spent as much time trying to down an allegedly solo boss as I have in EQII.

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