Forward into Feythabolis

I mentioned the Goonswarm Expeditionary Force deployment to Esoteria in a post a couple of weeks back.

Two leading candidates

This started off as some help to defend our allies in Red Alliance and a few other groups that are heavy on Russian and Ukrainian players.  They had previously gone in to fill the vacuum in Esoteria after the collapse of Army of Mango, but with them distracted PAPI got back together to start moving into the region.

The deployment was a welcome distraction, something to do in the game, and enough to get me to resubscribe after a month of Alpha.

I actually spent more time moving stuff out to the staging Keepstar in Esoteria than I did on actual operations, but it gave me a purpose.  And PAPI forces were pushed back out of the region, falling back into Feythabolis.

The southeast of null sec – Stain, Impass, Esoteria, Paragon Soul, Feythabolis, and Omist

And that meant us chasing them into Feythabolis.  More move ops, though with Ansiblex jump gates it is only three jumps from the Esoteria staging to the new one in Feythabolis.  You just want to take care because the route is obvious.  It is too dangerous to go alone and all that.  Go with some caps.

Caps taking the regional gate to Feythabolis… I’m in a subcap somewhere in there

For all this moving around I still don’t have a ship for every doctrine we fly, and we have even added a new one along the way, though it is at least superseding another.

Feythabolis is home to alliances in the FR.RE coalition, which is also heavy on Russian and Ukrainian players, and part of PAPI.  Having roved into Esoteria, PAPI is now defending Feythabolis.  This has led to some propaganda showing up on r/eve, though it is very much TEST focused.

TEST, having lost it all in World War Bee, forcing it to flee from its home in places like Esoteria, Impass, and Paragon Soul for distant Outer Passage, has been in a bit of a rough patch in trying to rebuild.  Once nearly 17K players in size, it has dropped to about 10K players.  A significant number of those leaving have moved to Pandemic Horde, swelling their numbers from 22K to 28K over the same time frame.  Included in those departing was Vily, architect of the PAPI war on the Imperium, and the corporation he runs.

So while TEST remains a sizable null sec alliance, being fifth in ranking of sov holding by membership, the departures seem to have driven them to a recruiting campaign.  While “Dreddit is recruiting” is a meme in null sec, there is now a “Keep the Feyth” propaganda and recruiting series in r/eve.

There was enough of that going on that Brisc Rubal harnessed his own artistic skills to make a parody in the same theme, poking at TEST’s relationship with Pandemic Horde.

She’s “Keeping the Feyth”

I don’t know if the propaganda is helping TEST.  Their numbers haven’t exactly grown this month.

As for the results in Feythabolis, there have been some skirmishes off and on.  I have yet to be involved in one myself, but the time for that seems to be a little earlier in EUTZ than I can get on.  Instead most of my time in the region has been shooting structures, mostly those owned by Pandemic Horde.

The grand total of my Feythabolis kill mails

In the end, even though structures have been gunned and some of our fleets have been opposed, PAPI seems very much on the defensive.  The most fierce resistance I have seen around a structure defense was some bombers attempting to take advantage of the rather static nature of such events.

Isn’t the Nemesis the worst of the stealth bombers?

Also, multi-boxing.

There have been some ops to tear down the sovereignty structures, but aside from the system we’re using to stage the deployment nobody is bothering to claim the systems once the ihubs and TCUs are down.

So far a moderately paced deployment.  There are multiple ops during every day if I am around when they are pinged, and there is a kill mail or three to get on if I hit the right fleet.  Enough to keep me busy without feeling like I absolutely have to be on all the time.

Addendum: Of course, I wrote this last night and this morning I wake up to find a capital brawl exploding in Feythabolis with nearly a thousand people in system, close to 200 billion ISK destroyed, and both sides are pouring in reinforcements, all over a Fortizar armor timer.

Battle Joined

I got there in time to get on at least a Naglfar kill.

Addendum: Oops, got the chop myself, but I got this guy on the Fort.

Here is the battle report, if you are interested.

J-TPTA Battle Report Header

The Imperium lost the ISK war, but completed the objective by winning the armor timer on the Fortizar under attack.

1 thought on “Forward into Feythabolis

  1. Nogamara

    Oh wow, had totally missed that with Vily. A bit weird, but ok. Also not that I logged in for any meaningful amount of time this year and BRAVE would be doing our own thing anyway…


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