CCP Outlines the Road to CSM17

It feels like this is coming a little bit late this year… they used to declare the winners at EVE Fanfest back in the day… but CCP has announced the plan for the election of the 17th Council of Stellar Management, which I will refer to as CSM17 going forward.

CSM17 is approaching

The timeline for the election cycle has been laid out as:

  • 2-16 May – Submissions Open
  • 9-20 May – Application Processing
  • 25 May – Live candidate announcement
  • 25 May-5 June – Campaign period
  • 7-14 June – Voting period
  • 16 June – CSM17 Announcement

The application period is fast approaching, so it is time to get ready if you want to run.  To be accepted as a candidate you must be 18, have an account that is at least 60 days old (Alpha or Omega), not have a record with ISD regarding EULA and Terms of Service violations, and be capable of creating a thread in the EVE Online forums.  There are more details in the post, but that is the essence.

Oh, and you must not have served on the past three consecutive councils.

Yes, term limits, introduced during the CSM15 election period, are coming into effect.  That means four long serving members of the council will not be eligible to run for CSM17.  They are:

  • Gobbins
  • Innominate
  • Merkelchen
  • Vily

Those four all represent major null sec alliances, two from Goonswarm Federation and two from Pandemic Horde. (Vily moved from TEST to Pandemic Horde after the war.)

I suspect that the major blocs will be able to find replacement candidates (Angry Mustache seems likely to be on the Imperium ballot, running along with Brisc Rubal), so it isn’t as though there will be a whole bunch of loose votes floating around for random independents to grab, but it will lead to something of a shift in the council as new voices replace some of the old.  (Well, Steve Ronuken is running, so returning old voices in some cases I guess.)

So the field, while it won’t be wide open, will at least have a few new names in the running.

Oh, and one thing isn’t a requirement anymore, the ability to get to Iceland for a summit.

Summits, like the CSM itself, have evolved over the years.  There used to be two in-person summits with a subset of the council, which became a single annual summit with the full (but smaller) council, and then came the pandemic and in-person summits were off the table altogether.

Now, in a moment of COVID optimism, CCP is making a soft commitment and hoping to having one summit, but attendance won’t be mandatory if it happens.

So there it is, we’re off to the races again.  Love them or hate them… or see the whole concept as flawed like I do… the CSM elections have become as much of a staple of the EVE Online experience as CCP ignoring the CSM’s advice.


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