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Wordle Goes to the Movies

I wrote a post last month about Wordle and games jumping on the simple daily format idea, highlighting a series of games that were mostly on the same idea.  But the whole Wordle thing is still rippling through the internet and I keep running into new variations.

Today I thought I would focus on entries that were focused on movies… because having a theme is good I guess?

  • Actorle

The idea here is that you are given a list of X’d out movie titles, so you can see the number of words and letters only, the year of release, some genre information, and its IMDB rating.  From that you are supposed to guess the actor that was in all of those films.

The Actorle screen

If you guess the wrong actor, nothing changes, unless that actor was ALSO in one of the films listed, in which case that film is shown on the list with its title.  Getting something, anything on the list usually means winning.

Nothing tells you how little you really know about movies than movie trivia, and I played this for a week and never won a single round, trying to cypher out the titles or guessing based on actors the date ranges.  I do not think I have ever guessed a single film title correctly unless I have guessed an actor in order to narrow things down.  My brain just won’t process the Xs.

So I began to cheat rampantly here, taking the most awkward word grouping on the list and going to Wikipedia to look up films for that year in order to find a matching letter pattern.  That works pretty well, except when the release date is incorrect.

Still, my failures could be your success.  This is the right game for somebody, just not me.

You can find Actorle here.

  • Framed

Framed, on the other hand, is much more my speed.  No words, just pictures, and I can be a very visual person.  You get a series of six images from a film and you have to guess the title.  The images get progressively easier, with the first couple often being distinctive by not showing any actor of key element of the film.


I almost always guess correctly eventually, though when you get to guess five they usually throw the star at you and the last image is generally something that very much screams the film at you if you have ever seen it.  I tend to blow the first two, then get it somewhere between the third and fifth guess.  I’ve only gone to the sixth guess once, and I have never lost, which should tell you how big that sixth image generally is.  I’ve gotten films I’ve never seen on the last two guesses.

You can find Framed here.

  • Moviedle

The most recent one I have found, Moviedle is kind of like Heardle, which I mentioned in the previous post, except it is visual.  Here they show you a quick visual clip, one second long, that is a mash up of images from the film.

The clip about to commence

If the first zip through doesn’t tip you to the film, you can rewatch the clip slower and slower so that each image is more obvious and distinct.  It can be hard to pick out faces on that first glimpse, but it gets easier with more time.

I have only played this a few times so far, but my impression is that if you have ever seen the movie in question and have any memory of it, you’ll likely get it right and, if a film has left any sort of strong impression on you or has a unique visual style, you’ll probably get it on the first guess.